National Geographic quick request: African/South African time travel films/TV etc?

I'm working on a short piece for National Geographic's website comparing time travel devices in various countries movies, but haven't found any examples from Africa. Can you help? 26 Mar 2010

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Media Directory for Africa

South Africa prints a media directory, with all the different publications printed in and for SA. Is there one for AFRICA? 3 Mar 2009

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Missing the point

When receiving a CV for a candidate from a recruitment agency, a client assumes that his/her skills are going to be listed in order of relevance to the position. It would not seem so... 2 Mar 2007

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what is happening with Truelove Magazine

i am really dissappointed with truelove magazine, i am a subscriber but i must say the content has just gone from bad to worse. the articles are just not inspiring at all 23 Jan 2007

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Subscription software - a nightmare

To date we have managed our subs via Excel. As the number of publications we have increases, a-web based solution is required - ideas anyone? 1 Dec 2006

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The future of magazines?

There's a new "magazine" that doesn't seem to be a magazine because it is not printed, but is on a disc (CD). Is this perhaps the future of publications? 5 Feb 2006

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Dodgy celebrities

Paris Hilton, the internet sex chick on the front cover of Seventeen? 11 Apr 2005

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Don't go behind your agency's back OR ELSE!!!

You have a great opportunity for a client to advertise, you sell it to the agency BUT does your agency really sell it to the client? 11 Apr 2005

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Advertising rules?

Are magazines losing the plot when it comes to the REAL reason that The Consumer buys their product? 15 Feb 2005

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Wegbreek ordered to change name

The Cape High Court last week ordered Wegbreek, the Afrikaans travel magazine, to change it's name and various other elements, after the publishers of veteran travel mag, Getaway took it to court for trademark infringement. Is this a classic case of brand copycat or sloppy journalism? 30 Jan 2005

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Plea for assistance

We are looking for a publishing deal. 2 Dec 2004

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Irresponsible journalism

I was horrified at the YOU magazine's flagrant disregard for the sub judice law in the Leigh Matthew's case. 17 Oct 2004

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FHM crossing the line?

The current FHM runs a story on an Asian actress; and angles the story with Asian women as a sexual fetish. 14 Sep 2004

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Judging a mag by its cover (and its ads)

The editor of Fairlady, Ann Donald, says that they will no longer be accepting ads for miracle weight-loss products. 9 Feb 2004

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Plagiarism again

So far the industry has been rather quiet on the fact that Cynthia Vongai has been accused of plagiarising off the net. 24 Sep 2003

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Does the print media even remember they have a social reponsibility to the people?

Seems the more papers sell the more sensational stories become! 5 Jun 2003

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