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Does the print media even remember they have a social reponsibility to the people?

Seems the more papers sell the more sensational stories become!
For years now, the ideas of mainstream newspapers have gone from once brilliant to gossipy, invasive and criminal. Fair enough the news they provide is researched by journos but most of the time stories are sensationalised to sell the paper.

It is sad to see that community newspapers seem to be flourishing because of this as they have the people in mind although they too have pages upon pages of boring advertorials. Thing is one would find interesting information about one's community by reading a community newspaper, with a mainstream newspaper, one finds only out-of-this-world, unusual, sensationalist, stuff.
Sean Inggs
Glad someone noticed. When I first moved to Joburg and started reading their newspapers I was amazed at how dramatic they made everything. It was as if some copywriters were given their jobs and took over. Often I found myself laughing at serious stories just because the way they were written. I'm now back in Durbs where stories aren't sensationalised. I don't laugh that often at tragedies and house break-ins anymore. A bit sad really. Perhaps I need another dose of Joburg newspaper.
Posted on 6 Jun 2003 18:32
papa kamo
i think some journalist only care for and about their jobs and careless about peoples feeling cos some of the stories are blown out of propotion and in the end leave people heartbroken and shatered what pains me is papers are supposed to build and encourage people in a positive way.
Posted on 9 Jun 2003 09:04
Barry M-S
Ja Howzit Bru-
Hi Sean, I've read a couple of your articles and am pretty impressed by the way you've established yourself. Just out of interest, what are you involved in in the Durbs area? Did you manage to catch redeye on Friday?
Posted on 9 Jun 2003 18:34
I'll tell you why sensationalism has slapped us in the face. People dont want boring news, and news is boring! What happened to investigative journalism...the truth...the facts...I am determined to bring it back! And I promise i will! Anyone want to join me??
Posted on 6 Aug 2003 15:00
where's people's morals?????
I totally agree. Most of the stories are exagerated and one feels like they are reading an action movie script. I just feel bad for the people who are usually affected by the crime, especially if there are non-existant incidents that are put in the story (just to sell the paper). ..Where are people's morals?????
Posted on 4 Feb 2004 11:11


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