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Don't go behind your agency's back OR ELSE!!!

You have a great opportunity for a client to advertise, you sell it to the agency BUT does your agency really sell it to the client?
As a sales person I've learnt not too pee off agencies by going to a client direct for a sale.. Like us planners need to sell to their client.. but how often are they not too busy with something else AND take preference to others before actually selling your idea? What do you do in this case?
Oh Please-
Most Planners are glorified nannies . They number crunch and are more interested in how they will earn their commission with cutting corners . Very seldom have I come across a planner who genuinely has their clients' needs at heart . If you can go client direct , then do it but TACTFULLY . Slowly but surely agencies are losing their grip on clients as more and more marketing directors want to meet with media owners .
Posted on 14 Apr 2005 11:34
I think-
that if you do go direct to client you need to let the media planner know - keep him/her in the loop. Also any media planner worth his/her salt will have a good enough relationship with the client for the client to refer you to the media planner. In addition most clients are just too lazy/busy to evaluate a media opportunity so guess what?...........It gets passed on to the media planner to evaluate in any case! So my suggestion - send the proposals to the media planner - if you get absolutely no joy - no response be it yes or no (no with a reason why ofcourse), THEN you go to the client - letting the media planner know that that's what you are going to do.
Posted on 14 Apr 2005 13:56
kleendin, sandton
What a load of rubbish-
Sure media owners may deal directly with clients, and most trade publications operate that way, mainly because many industrial companies or those in the manufacturing or wholesale business do not have "real marketing departments" let alone dedicated agencies or PR to service them. But if "a client" has a dedicated agency; that is who the media owner should deal with, no matter how good the proposal is. And any client worth having, will know that. ANY third party (printer, media owner, production house etc)who goes directly to a client (behind agencies back) after being introduced by the agency, deserves never to be trusted. FULL STOP, CASE CLOSED.
Posted on 20 Apr 2005 11:41
If media agencies and planners had a clue....-
Then it would be fine to always go through the agency. But unfortunately most planners are a few hundred pennies short of a piggy bank. When planners phone every two weeks for 3 months for a ratecard of a magazine that they are already advertising in then you have to wonder how they are going to cope with a proposal bigger then a hundred words. If the proposal is big and important then go to the client. Of course keep the agencies in the loop if you have a good relationship with them. FULL STOP
Posted on 1 Jun 2005 16:35
It's all about the money...-
We started a magazine 5 years ago and it has become the most popular advertsing magazine in our region. Despite enough communication to fill a ship, the advertising agencies have yet to give us the time of day... even though their local clients specifically request that ads be placed with us. We have done everything to convince the ad agencies of our market share, but it's too much of an effort to look into it for them. We were once told that in order to get noticed, we should fly them here, wine and dine them and put them up in a hotel!! This whole advertising thing, is it about what the agency can get or how the client can benefit?
Posted on 19 Jul 2005 06:55
spot on!!-
I know im a bit late on this one but the most affective way of getting business from an agency is by asking them how they would like their behinds kissed. Buy them stuff take them to lunch... 90% of planners and buyers are unprofesional and dont care about their clients.
Posted on 28 Nov 2006 13:39
You guys who have so much to say about Media Planners, are clearly bored and have nothing much to do with your day. Get a life, get a decent job, and stop writing crap.
Posted on 23 Apr 2007 09:19


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