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Advertising rules?

Are magazines losing the plot when it comes to the REAL reason that The Consumer buys their product?
Even being a woman, I have become quite endeared to the FHM magazine, which I poach from my husband once he has turned the last page. The publication is male-directed, but it still respects women throughout its raunchy journey every month.

But more and more I have been noticing the increasing number of advertisements in not only this particular magazine, but in others as well, to the point where literally every second page is an advert.

Now I do understand that it is very costly to run and publish these mags on a monthly basis, and that placing advertising is a HUGE contributor to revenue, but this is NOT the reason that we, as loyal consumers, purchase the magazines. It's all about the content and the 'escapism' value that are offered between the gossipy/enlightening/naughty* pages. If we wanted to be bombarded with ads we would buy the junk mail (...interesting pun there...).

So I ask you, has advertising become an autocratic monarch in the Industry, ruling over margins of all other media, or have publications just forgotten what it is that the consumer REALLY wants...???
Monarchy rules-
Advertising has allways been, and should be a monarchy.The question begs who is in charge,and what values do they represent.I.e some "clients" should be shown away,educated and carefully screened, to avoid the industry becoming a bigger joke than it currently is.Enticing the "weak-minded or young target" by means of clever manipulation,with the sole aim of parting them with cash,is only for the heartless,greedy or maybe uninformed.Advertising should consider the holistic brand experience - with some insight into the future.Integrity,knowledge,wisdom and creativity will,combined,produce credible,responsible and refreshingly new experiential media,services and product.
Posted on 17 Feb 2005 10:06
Oh dear-
The ads are what make your crappy magazine. If you don't want the ads then you won't have the magazine - such is life, get over it and just turn the pages quickly if they bother you so much. I don't thing gossip/naughty should be used in the same sentence as enlightening. Plato is enlightening not FHM!!! Grow up and read something of substance like Junk Mail.
Posted on 1 Jun 2005 16:49


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