Facebook messaging system, an email killer?

Will we see the death of email with this new messaging system? 17 Nov 2010

National Geographic quick request: African/South African time travel films/TV etc?

I'm working on a short piece for National Geographic's website comparing time travel devices in various countries movies, but haven't found any examples from Africa. Can you help? 26 Mar 2010

How should the ad industry see the economic crisis through?

Should companies cut costs, look at possible downsizing or stick to business as usual? 30 Mar 2009

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Why is the majority of Africa offline?

Doing business in Africa can be quite the daunting experience when you're trying to make contact with the rest of the continent while seated in your office at the tip of Africa. Phone calls will cost you an arm and a leg. Why are some big companies and organisations across Africa not online, and if they are online, why do they not provide an email address? 27 Mar 2009

Looking for a part time Interior design course

I have a full time job, but I've always wanted to get into design. Does anyone out there know of a part time course that i could apply for. 16 Mar 2009


hi everyone. am a university student in Kenya with some very cool advert ideas. the problem is, i just don't know how i can be able get into the advert industry. any clues please 3 Mar 2009

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Media Directory for Africa

South Africa prints a media directory, with all the different publications printed in and for SA. Is there one for AFRICA? 3 Mar 2009

Self Marketing or Agency?

Which would be best? Self marketing or Agency Marketing? 19 Feb 2009

How to become a Brand Manager?

Worked in Sales for 2 years while finishing part time Brand Management studies and want to know the best career path from here on out to end up as a Brand Manager? 19 Feb 2009

Help! I need a training course

I need a 3 - 5 days training course in media planinng and buying in SA. Do anyone have an idea of available ones? 19 Feb 2009

Getting into the world of Marketing

How does one break into the world of Marketing without much experience? 19 Feb 2009

Journists as PR Managers.

It is sad that this the same particularly in Africa. It is not actually the fault of journalists but the lack of understanding and appreciation of those that employ them, the Government in particular. Their perception of a PR person is only being able to make headlines in the Media, if that is to advantage or not is not always considered. Maybe also the true practitioners are too silent. We owe it a responsibility to educate government on the differnce between a journalist and a PR practitioner. With the evolution even in the PR profession to Reputation Management we are not only to talk we should SHOUT!!!. Prince Adeyemi Asewunmi. CAM;MNIPR; rpa.(Lagos Nigeria) 19 Feb 2009

How do I find if footage is available

How do I find if footage is available of a shoot that was done in early 1980's at Hartebeespoort dam for a series on effects of war on ordinary citizens? 19 Feb 2009

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What future does advertising has in the current global economic crunch? 19 Feb 2009

Need creative course to complement diploma in Marketing

Need creative course to complement diploma in Marketing 19 Feb 2009

Coca cola the best branded product ever?

Coca cola has been producing adds that are just the best branded ever, or so i think. What is your comment? Think about the always Coca cola, Coca cola summer splush. i can go on. Are they the best or what? BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Makes a meal. 5 Sep 2008

music videos ...HELP!!!

How do I obtain international music videos to broadcast locally without ripping off anybody ?? 5 Sep 2008

If you could change one thing forever, what would it be?

That's the question posed in the month of September through the Change4ever initiative presented by the Southern Africa Trust. So what would you change? 3 Sep 2008

How to get employed in the South African media industry

Finding a job in PR, journalism and advertising. 19 Jul 2008

Who's on your list of the top 100 most important people in Africa?

Time magazine has been publishing an annual list of it's Top 100 Most Important People of the Century. The list is very US-centric. Who do you regard as this centurys' most influential African people? 16 Jul 2008

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Does the media have no respect for politicians?

Jacob Zuma, president of the ANC in South Africa has been quoted saying, "The South African media have no respect for people." Should politicians be given the same rights as the man on the street. 14 Jul 2008

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Is music the answer to the world's problems?

A tragedy happens and a group of musicians get to together and create a song about it. Is this really for a good cause or just a money-making, publicity scheme? 14 Jul 2008

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Are you tired of Zimbabwe and the ongoing crisis dominating the news reports?

Every newspaper, radio station, website and television news slot has an update on how the crisis is worsening in Zimbabwe. 11 Jul 2008

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Will stronger sanctions on Zimbabwe aid the people's cause?

It seems the Zimbabwean people have lost their voices in all this madness and it looks like things will be getting worse before they can get any better. 9 Jul 2008

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Africa Magazine

An African Magazine that will focus on the positive aspects of Africa. 9 Jun 2008

Financial Excellence in Africa

Revolutionising the Financial Interface in Africa 20 May 2008

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Will apathy kill the 2010 World Cup?

Does anyone know how to successfully make contact with the local organising committee for 2010 World Cup? 8 Jun 2007

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Do government regulations impede doing business in Africa?

With various government rules regarding foreign investment in place, are they negatively affecting potential international investment in Africa?  2 May 2007

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