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FHM crossing the line?

The current FHM runs a story on an Asian actress; and angles the story with Asian women as a sexual fetish.
Story Headline: Eastern Delicacy
Front Cover Blurb -- Asian hottie Bai Ling
Story Intro (paraphrased) Most men would admit to a fetish for exotic women

Would this article and blurb be acceptable in a mainstream (officially) non-porn magazine if the headline read Black Delicacy or White Delicacy or any of South Africa's racial groups?

Would the cover blurb be acceptable is Asian was replaced with any of these racial groups?

IF FHM's argument is that they're talking about a geographical grouping--I say don't patronise your readers. You KNOW you're appealing to a pretty ugly side of male sexual desire.

It's no secret that the mag is targeted at heterosexual male readers--and is certainly not for Mother Grundies--but the intro angle on this article is just blatantly racist. It's bad enough--but acceptable up to a point -- that the magazine objectifies women -- but to fetishize ethnic women? To legitimise this ugly side of porn? In THIS country? How would it be taken if a magazine targeted at black male readers ran a story entitled Hot White Women?

Women, white black whatever have enough to deal with--without commercial magazine producers losing the plot and legitimising racial sexualisation --

c'mon people - -FHM may not be about being PC-and i'm happy to admit being a regular page-flipper -- but this really crosses the line...
Asia Carrera
They have hit the bulls-eye-
The question regarding males and their fetishes was raised by a female collegue of mine - who proceeded to ask me if this was common place amongst most men - my answer was yes. The reason she had asked me was that after speaking to two male friends of hers, somehow the topic of Asian women came up from both of them and they then proceeded to explain their life-long dream of being with an Asian women. She was also somewhat startled when I proceeded to tell her that this was quite normal - every male friend of mine has this exact fantasy - why this is I myself am not too sure - it could have something to do with Asia Carrera...hmmmmmmmm....
Posted on 15 Sep 2004 15:57
Come on!!!!-
So instead of Eastern Delicacy, how about Western Delicacy if it was an America (racist?) or European Delicacy or African Delicacy for that matter. Get a life there are more important things to worry about!
Posted on 15 Sep 2004 16:05
Larger issues -
It's a media and magazines forum - I'm sticking to the subject...I debate other issues elsewhere And yes there are larger issues...third world prostitution fuelled by racial fetish Thailand's VD ridden hotspots ring any bells? This kind of racial profiling -- and legitimising it -- has no constructive or positve spin to it at all! There's a huge world of difference between finding an ethnic woman attractive or sexy and finding a woman sexy because she is of a different race....cmon...use those brain cells here dude
Posted on 15 Sep 2004 17:08
Headline says it all-
Were the subject of FHM's readers' (and they are notorious for their high IQ) droolings black or white, then it is almost certain that attention would not have been drawn to their race in the copy. In that case, we would be faced with standard FHM fare of an atractive black/white woman wearing a shoelace. While arguably demeaning, this is pretty ordinary lad-rag crap. What is different in this case is that attention is drawn to an entire race group in a sexual context. 'Hot asian babes' suggests that Asian women are of no value other than for sex. It classifies all Asian women as fair sexual game for South Africa's pimple-ridden auto-eroticists, to put it nicely. FHM have got this badly wrong. It's the kind of thoughtless, engrained racism that always takes the perpetrator by surprise. Needless to say, the victim is pretty used to it and rather fed up. But why are we surprised? FHM's bread and butter is low-grade raceism, sexism and banality.
Posted on 15 Sep 2004 17:44
Ex Fuse me
Skin Fusion-
When is SA going to stop seeing thmselves as black woman, white, yellow. I asked my niece who her best friend was and her response was Rahamed, she said that they liked doing this and this and this together. There was no mention of indian etc. We have to also be able to accept ourselves and our cultural identities, look and laugh sometimes, take it with a pinch of salt... And can you take anything that FHM says seriously!
Posted on 16 Sep 2004 07:54
We are turning in Australians... -
Wow people, this is really serious news. A person who is Asian, being called an Asian... clearly there are more issues to worry about. Personally, I don't have 'fantasy like all men'? about Asian women, I have heard that their parts work in the same way as everybody elses... The reason I say Australians is, well, they have become the most anal bunch of people I have ever come across. Everything must be SO PC... except of course killing aborigines... still seems a favourite pastime, but they do it with booze instead of bullets. Anyway the point is, life isn't that serious, there are other things to worry about... surely people
Posted on 16 Sep 2004 12:58
Precisely the point-
If we're all one big happy multiracial family, then why does FHM draw attention to the race of the women involved? I couldn't agree more with you. When will South Africans stop seeing themselves as black/white/whatever? It would certainly help if magazines such as FHM bought by teenagers and really, really stupid stupid older people led the way, rather than entrenching what went before. Regrettably we have to take FHM seriously. People buy it for some completely unfathomable reason.
Posted on 16 Sep 2004 14:35
it fits-
For the type of magazine, it's completely appropriate. Would it be a good cover for TIME, no, but it's relevant here. It’s a legitimate fetish for some groups, so why should they present the arguments?
Posted on 16 Sep 2004 16:10
deliberate reference-
The reference to Bai Ling's ethnicity/race/geographical location is deliberate--and not to show where she comes from but to point out what she looks like. It is deliberately reinforcing an offensive sexual stereotype about asian women--to tittilate male readers how about applying some insight to this argument...and not just happily accepting everything the media flings at us --and sweeping their lack of ethics under the all-encompassing 'i'm tired of being PC' carpet?
Posted on 16 Sep 2004 16:34
Manoj Lakhani Moksha Media
The same old racisim lives on....-
FHM has always believed that only european women are beautiful and locally exclude the Asian market in their mis..a market that contributes over 29 billion to the economy and is the only group to double it's per capita income in the last 30 years with high lsm profiles and many elements of early adaptors..it's no different from the POLKA ad or the OPEL Raj brothers... The saga continues. Stay in the light Manoj Lakhani Moksha Media
Posted on 16 Sep 2004 21:48
the root of the evil-
you say "The reference to Bai Ling's ethnicity/race/geographical location is deliberate ... to point out what she looks like." ----- in other words FHM pointed out that she looked Asian because they know that some men (or lots of men) are attracted to Asian looking women and will therefore buy the mag. The 'racism' is therefore rooted in these men's sexual desires for women with certain ethnic features. do you expect these men to try and deny that they find certain features about some women attractive? what next? while you're at it you might as well accuse FHM, and a large portion of male sexuality, of discrimination against obese women.
Posted on 17 Sep 2004 03:31
Target Markets-
My argument here is not that marketers are not bothering to target certain markets because of instituionalised racism--but of actually selling off ethnic women as a sexual commodity-- to other race groups! I'm not arguing that race as a sexual fetish doesn't exist--i'm arguing that it really shouldn't be legitimised in a mainstream commercial magazine-- as race as a sexual fetish does have its roots in racism -- white prostitutes are a commodity in the east - black/indian/asian prostitues are a commodity in majority white ares. Finding an Asian/black/white/whatever woman or man attractive is very different from finding them attractive solely because of their race. And a fetish is entirely different from findiing someone attractive. Asia and C have a point--they mention men wanting to sleep (not talk to date etc) with Asian wome because they believe there is something 'different' about them...because they're Asian...or black..or white...or whatever...FHM is legitimising this... I'm also calling attention to FHM sneaking in a few headlines that would have been unacceptable if they had substituted Asian with any other racial group in South Africa.
Posted on 17 Sep 2004 11:58
Good Point-
Ann is right of course, a headline talking about sexy black whoever or wicked white so and so would go down like a Boeing over Lockerbie... Not exactly the right tone for SA, or anywhere really. In truth, the mags like FHM do have merit - I mean some of the articles, some of the general sillyness - it is great fun to read nonsense once and a while - but there is a line, and the line has been crossed well before we all got upset about Asia. Surely, in the big new world, naked women, or half naked student women shold not be put in mags. It is degrading and if you look at 99% of all mags - especially the ones that cater to women, the pic is of a very attractive - woman. Why? Sex and glamour sells. Now I am as liberal as they come and if one wanted to sell a mag to people who enjoyed Sheep shagging I say go ahead, just make sure the kids can't buy a copy. But it seems that our innocent mags do create problems, from self esteem issues to objectification of women. So what is the answer - surely not changing the content but changing the mindset of the community. Yeah it's a BIG order and one that seems impossible to even conpemplate but, taking skin mags off the shevels will not stop the problems that are referred to - only a change in the way one perceives the pictures and content of magazines and the media - instead of 'wow she'd be a great shag' being the standard response. I know it's dreamland stuff, but the point is that our issues are not only surface deep and go to the core of human beings. If we really want a society with all the virtues we mistakenly think we once had, this is where we need to start changing people... Any thoughts?
Posted on 21 Sep 2004 08:53
Asian fetish-
Unfortunatley, all women are a fetish to someone somewhere. Does FHM really have to tantalise whicever sick readers pander to this particular one? Cannot women be treated with some respect, at long last? We are used to 'sell' cars, deodorants et al - and always depicted as imbeciles who are of one use only - sorry, make that two .... sex and stroking the male ego.
Posted on 22 Sep 2004 12:40
change agent-
I have an idea..seeing as mags and media has the power to educate, affect self-esteem, promote awareness etc.....how about they do something revolutionary like use their powers for good! (forgive the cynical tone....)
Posted on 23 Sep 2004 11:22
The truth hurts...-
I have to point one thing out and it may sting to the (anally) politically correct: Men like sex!!! WOW! Is that an epiphany? In fact I could swear that women do too? Stop hiding behind these self righteous arguments. It is a plain and simple universal truth. DEAL WITH IT. It won't change. EVER. And it is as natural as taking a piss. And any of you who could take the time to slide out of your high horse saddles and ask a simple sample of 10 men this basic question: "Have you ever wanted to have sex with an Asian woman?" The answer would be YES by the majority. Thus making the first line a simple statement of truth. Not this stupid racial profiling bollocks. If we had said "Most men would admit to a finding a blonde attractive" would you be going on about follicle stereotyping? It's pathetic. Men like women, of all colours and creeds dammit. And yes, we want to have sex with women of all colours and creeds. Since when was that derogatory? Is the truth so horrible? I have long ago come to terms with my basic sexuality, accepted it, and hell even revelled in it. I suggest you do the same, it's liberating. Instead of trying to create a false world of androgynous bores, why not accept the fact that humans, male and female, are sexual beings? Why do men have a penchant for Asian women? Well, diversity is definitely a turn on. I would hate it if all women looked exactly the same. Definitely would get boring hey? I suppose you would prefer all white boys to only have sex with blonde haired, blue eyed babes. God forbid we find a Black woman or an Asian woman sexually attractive. That would be horrible!!! Your view smacks of Nazi eugenics to me. Sounds like someone is wrapped a little too tight. FHM is the only magazine on the market that doesn't preach crap. It is 100% true to its target market. It doesn't claim we should all be wearing Hugo Boss suits, driving 4x4's, and bench pressing 200kg's after we've run 20k's (like some competitor magazines - who have all lost dismally in the subscriber race). Instead it says that we drink beer, watch rugby and braai stuff, while satisfying our chosen mates in bed, or at least trying to pick up a mate. Last time I looked that pretty much covers every heterosexual male in South Africa. Or do you disagree? If you do then you must be living in a dream world. FHM celebrates the South African male. And in all the countries it publishes, it celebrates the plain, simple maleness of those countries. Perhaps the Asian FHM has South African Kerry McGregor in it, saying All Asian men admit to a fetish for blondes. *sigh* I'm getting nowhere. All I can say is that men will be men... probably due to the fact that we are BLOODY MEN!!! DEAL WITH IT. If finding a woman sexually attractive means I am objectifying her, then hell I must objectify women all the time. But of course if I suddenly told my girlfriend I didn't find her sexually attracive any more cos that would be objectifying her, I think I would find a rather miffed female on my hands. As usual us poor blokes are damned if we do, and damned if we don't!!!
Posted on 5 Oct 2004 17:58
Nazi Eugenics-
'I suppose you would prefer all white boys to only have sex with blonde haired, blue eyed babes. God forbid we find a Black woman or an Asian woman sexually attractive. That would be horrible!!! Your view smacks of Nazi eugenics to me.' Um-lets see - my post says nothing about banning miscegenation (or interracial f**king as my blonde and blue eyed boyfriend and I refer to our relationship) You've assumed all FHM readers are white males -- racial stereotypes aren't lost on you hey? My post refers to objectifying ethnicity -- making a woman sexually atteractive because she is Black or Asian or whatever.....but it's pretty ugly to go around saying I'd like to try an Asian woman on for size....because somehow she's different to other women? she's attractive because she's a novelty in the world of blonde hair and blue-eyes FHM usually pushes? She's sexually unavailable because she's taboo..she's something different,.. what absolute bollocks....! Shagging is shagging--black white whatever! I'm not denying sexuality here --but what i am pointing out is tht sexual attractiveness based on ethnicity is not acceptable---jus because a woman is black - or Asian or whatever is not a reason to further commodify her physical appearance.
Posted on 15 Oct 2004 17:00
Gimme a break-
"sexual attractiveness based on ethnicity is not acceptable---just because a woman is black - or Asian or whatever is not a reason to further commodify her physical appearance." Horse bollocks to that too. If I find a women attractive, then she's attractive, no matter what her ethnicity. There are ugly people of all colours. If a women is attractive then she's attractive, mentioning her ethnicity is a moot point since we can plainly see from the picture that she is Asian or black or white. What I'm saying is that men find many, many things sexually attractive in women. Just think foot fetishists for a second. Are they 'commodifying' her physical appearance due to her feet? This is all bra-burning crud!!! If I find a woman's green eyes sexually attractive, am I committing some stupid faux pas? That is all total and utter kak. If I have a fetich for blondes, would you get so worked up? If I have a fetish for stupid women, would you get so worked up? If I have a fetish for anything dammit? Just because they mentioned race you go and get your panties in a knot! Drop these pathetic race issues, it makes me sick. And my reference to white boys, was not alluding to FHM's readership at all, it was an example to further my argument about eugenics. You are racial stereotyping by even mentioning that.
Posted on 26 Oct 2004 16:56
More on that-
And what's wrong in saying, in your words, "I'd like to try an Asian woman on for size"? As I have said, if you took a simple sample of men and asked them if they would like to sleep with an Asian woman, they would say yes, same goes for red heads. It's the bladdy truth dammit, so get over it. Deal with it. The world will not change for your measly opinions. And the woman in FHM was not put in there for her ethnicity. She's damn hot, bloody hell. My guess is that, whatever shade skin you own, you are never going to be in an FHM spread. Hmm? Right aren't I? The fact that she is Asian seems more upsetting to you than to anyone else. The fact that FHM stated the universal truth that the majority of men of all colours would probably like to have sex with a female of another race at some stage in their life, is something you just don't seem to be able to deal with. Why do we want to? Cos it's different, that's all. Like eye colour, hair colour, boob size etc etc. YOU my dear are the one with a race problem here.
Posted on 26 Oct 2004 17:08
Useless Debater -
let's see - you make assumptions, buy into stereotypes and make personal attacks in a debate - not my style dude - how about you argue the issues at hand in an intelligent manner without alluding to my physical appearance?
Posted on 1 Nov 2004 11:48


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