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Clio Awards announces 2019 jury that includes five judges from SA

The Clio Awards has announced its jury for the 2019 Awards, boasting a 50/50 gender-balanced ratio with a jury formed from creatives from 28 countries around the world and five jurors from South Africa...

12 hours ago


Bolt to offer new food delivery service in SA

Bolt, the ride-hailing platform formerly known as Taxify, is planning to add food delivery to its service offering...

14 hours ago


Facebook to launch content Oversight Board

Strengthening safety, encouraging free expression - these are Facebook's goals for a new content Oversight Board which it will workshop in Kenya next month...

By Ime Archibong 15 hours ago


The death rate for mothers having C-sections is 50 times higher in Africa

The in-hospital maternal mortality rate following a Caesarean delivery in Africa may be 50 times higher than in high-income countries...

By Bruce M Biccard 15 hours ago


Boeing is doing crisis management all wrong - Here's what a company needs to do to restore the public's trust

A crisis creates a vacuum, an informational void that gets filled one way or another. The longer a company or other organisation at the centre of the crisis waits to communicate, the more likely that void will be filled by critics...

By Kelli Matthews 16 hours ago


Ethiopian coffee showcased at global expo in Pu'er City

A delegation from the Ethiopian Embassy in Beijing participated in the 2nd China International Specialty Coffee Expo from 12 to 17 March in Pu'er City, which is considered the 'coffee capital' of China...

16 hours ago


Why Kenya must take control of sand harvesting off its coast

Kenyans have taken to social media to protest against what they claim is illegal sand harvesting off Diani beach, one of the country's most popular coastal areas. The Conversation Africa's Moina Spooner spoke to David Obura about why this is an issue.

By David Obura 16 hours ago


Ghanaian police beat, arrest journalist Malik Sullemana

Authorities in Ghana should protect the safety of the press during interactions with police...

17 hours ago


#OneShow2019: Cam Blackley's judging pick of the day

Cam Blackley, CCO of M+C Saatchi Sydney and One Show 2019 Integrated judge certainly tasted the rainbow with this audacious anti-ad, and selected it his One Show 2019 pick of the day...

18 hours ago


Zimbabwe police arrest filmmaker Zenzele Ndebele

State security last week arrested documentary filmmaker Zenzele Ndebele after a used police teargas cannister from a protest was found in his car...

19 hours ago


More work needed on regional integration in Africa

Regional integration remains low, according to African Regional Integration Index...

1 day ago


Digital trade and the economy in Africa

Policy, trade and the private sector in the digital era dominated debate at the Conference of African Ministers in Marrakesh...

1 day ago


Hermès to launch skincare and makeup categories in 2020

French luxury house Hermès, best known for its high-fashion handbags, has plans to expand its business into skincare and cosmetics in 2020...

1 day ago


Africa's Travel Indaba to give exhibitors maximum exposure opportunities

Africa's Travel Indaba 2019 will see company owners take part in Speed Marketing sessions between 8.30am to 10am, at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli Convention Centre, Durban. The sessions are an opportunity for exhibitors to expose their offerings to buyers and potentially contribute to increasing their sales...

1 day ago


Kwesé Free TV gets terrestrial license in South Africa

Kwesé Free TV, becomes the first free-to-air terrestrial broadcaster to be licensed in South Africa since received its license 21 years ago...

1 day ago


Farmcrowdy closes $1m additional seed funding

Nigeria's digital agriculture platform, Farmcrowdy announced that it has closed on additional seed funding of $1...

By Fundisiwe Maseko 1 day ago


UN journalism fellowship applications open

Applications to 2019 Reham Al-Farra Memorial Journalism Fellowship now open...

1 day ago


Build a culture of curiosity to retain clients

I became curious about curiosity when I came across a nice article in the Guardian that pointed out how unhelpful the expression 'curiosity killed the cat' was to children's development. Why would you want to encourage someone to be less curious?

By Tony Spong 1 day ago


OR Tambo no longer accepts irregular shaped bags

New rules for checking in bags of irregular shape and size will be applied at OR Tambo International Airport. The rules are aimed at preventing blockages and breakdowns in the baggage handling system...

1 day ago

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