National Geographic quick request: African/South African time travel films/TV etc?

I'm working on a short piece for National Geographic's website comparing time travel devices in various countries movies, but haven't found any examples from Africa. Can you help? 26 Mar 2010

Need creative course to complement diploma in Marketing

Need creative course to complement diploma in Marketing 19 Feb 2009

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Does the media have no respect for politicians?

Jacob Zuma, president of the ANC in South Africa has been quoted saying, "The South African media have no respect for people." Should politicians be given the same rights as the man on the street. 14 Jul 2008

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Is music the answer to the world's problems?

A tragedy happens and a group of musicians get to together and create a song about it. Is this really for a good cause or just a money-making, publicity scheme? 14 Jul 2008

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Are you tired of Zimbabwe and the ongoing crisis dominating the news reports?

Every newspaper, radio station, website and television news slot has an update on how the crisis is worsening in Zimbabwe. 11 Jul 2008

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Africa Magazine

An African Magazine that will focus on the positive aspects of Africa. 9 Jun 2008

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Journalists are not knowleagable enough

Journalists, sub editors and news editors in general are not knowleadgable enough, especially about things I consider general. 6 Feb 2007

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Request for industry glossary from someone who was presented with a TV schedule and did not know what an AR is. 23 Jan 2007

Cinemas practising ''reduced prices ploy''

I recently went to the East Rand mall to see a movie. Upon my arrival I was told that the cinema has upgraded to "Classic" at a price of R35 or so, and no longer R12 on Tuesdays. 15 Nov 2005

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Corporate abuse of editors

A recent job ad called for 'editors' who would double up as sales consultants for all intents and purposes. 31 Oct 2005

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Lack of support for local artists

I have a few pressing questions regarding support from the media for up and coming local artists that I just don't seem to have answers for. 30 Oct 2005

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Media messages must be sensitive to the realities of life

The new Joko Tea ad is ill-conceived, condescending and trivialises the lifestyle of the working class. 22 Aug 2005

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What happened to social responsibility?

Newspapers and magazines seem not to have any social responsibility anymore, especialy viewed in the light of children. 29 Jun 2005

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Who's paying for media mistakes?

If just 0.5% of all media orders are fouled up for whatever reason (a conservative estimate), clients are paying through their noses for the inefficiencies of their agencies and the media owners. 8 Jun 2005

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Marketing graduates dilemma

I have no experience, but want to start. Companies are so closed up. 22 Mar 2005

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Is there a need for SA companies to advertise in Europe?

Does you company (or client) have a need to advertise to an audience in Europe? Do you believe local companies actually want to be identified as being from Africa? Is the association positive or negative? 8 Mar 2005

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Who the hell do these ''critics'' think they are?

I am a Media Director with a very large agency and one thing I am always excited about is the launch of a new advertising medium. 13 Feb 2005

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SABC - Marginalised Languages: Xitsonga, Tshivenda

I am concerned about the news bulletins in both Xitsonga and Tshivenda. 14 Jul 2004

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New clause in communicators' contract?

Just when you thought Mark Keohane (ex-Boks Communications Manager) had exposed all the skeletons in the Boks' closet he writes a book with even more damning inside info, more especially on how Boks manipulated the media. 30 Jun 2004

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SA music a gold mine!

Arno and others have proven that SA music deserves recognition. 21 Jun 2004

Any new newspaper houses in Durban?

All I have are articles from some of Durb's mainstream newspapers and some memories of "good job", "well done", "you're a good journalist", "lots of potential", etc, but where are the jobs? 25 May 2004

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The media cashing in on the tragedy of Diana's death

I find it despicable that an American TV station has seen fit to show pictures of Princess Diana dying in the car crash wreckage in Paris, 1997. 21 Apr 2004

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Has 5fm chosen the right target group?

Recent changes in the 5fm radio station has caused major changes in the pattens of demographic groups - is their positioning correct? 7 Mar 2004

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Media Accountability: Public Interest or Self-Ideological Interest

The mainstream media in our country, more than any other time before the early 90s, has assumed a very unhealthy robust attitude that has relegated its role to pushing more business and upper-class interest to boost sales – NOT the public interest. 16 Sep 2003

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Journalist and author Darrel Bristow-Bovey has been caught out plagiarising some paragraphs of Bill Bryson's work. Should he be allowed to get away with this, the worst sin a journalist can commit? 23 Jul 2003

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Zimbabwe media

Any comment on the media situation in Zimbabwe? 7 Apr 2003

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Finally they notice we spend money too

Indians are finally being targeted through advertising! 24 Mar 2003

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Is This Day going to bring their irresponsible journalism to South Africa?

After the newspaper triggered bloody riots in Nigeria over the Miss World contest the question begs asking - What kind of national newspaper is This Day going to introduce to South Africa early next year? 24 Nov 2002

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How to break out of the catch-22 log jam of how to gain experience, when you do not have the experience needed to gain experience! 24 Sep 2002

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