New clause in communicators' contract?

Just when you thought Mark Keohane (ex-Boks Communications Manager) had exposed all the skeletons in the Boks' closet he writes a book with even more damning inside info, more especially on how Boks manipulated the media.
Boks get about R160 million a year from Supersport for exclusive coverage, therefore Supersport are never really at liberty to knock and grill the product they spend so much on. Independent Newspapers also come in the picture because of the agreements reached by both parties on the reporting of Boks. In his new book Mark Keohane also reaveals that some Beeld rugby reporters consulted with Rudi Straeli (then Boks coach) on the players' ratings after each and every game.

But the point here is that Mark Keohane, as a former journalist, has used all this info he had access to and wrote a book about it.

Do you foresee a situation whereby communication managers sign contracts with clauses that say once they've left their jobs they're not allowed to talk about the "confidential" info of that particular organisation. What would be the legalities around that, especially as far as freedom of speech is concerned?
There should be a clause-
It seems that when anything goes wrong in any high-profile business or personal relationship all parties concerned can turn a quick buck by putting out a book. There should be protection against this in most contracts, for say, five years after the deal has gone down.
Posted on 1 Jul 2004 16:44
Maybe, Maybe Not-
What gets to me is that there is so much more going on behind the scenes than we think. We just want to know the truth so we can form an opinion that is based around that. Maybe Mark should not be putting this in a book, but on the other hand maybe this is one way of getting the truth about what is happening in our sport and other hi-profile institutions. Lets get the truth out first not when it is nearly forgotten news, which now raises more questions which we will most probably get more cover-ups.
Posted on 2 Jul 2004 13:56
For the Money of it-
Keohane is a clever man. On the one hand he was preapred to be part of the process, and then on the other (and when it suits him to look the hero) he takes advantage of it. In principle to this, I for one will not be buying his book, as by doing so, you are helping him achieve what he has set out to achieve - greed!
Posted on 6 Jul 2004 12:13
X Files
Confidentiality Clause-
At my previous employment I was forced to sign a Confidentiality Contract that stated that I was not alowed to talk about any of the high-profile people that I had dealt with. Trust me, the inside info I have on well-known South Africans can certainly make for a good book! I used to blab to my friends and they were always so shocked about what I was revealing but I have been gagged since I terminated my employment. You have to weigh up how revealing everything about your previous employment will effect your future employment. I would never hire a Communications Director who blabbed about his previous job. It's a trust thing.
Posted on 24 May 2006 21:45
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