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A woman walks in front of a picture of President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Bulawayo, in June 2018. Authorities in the Zimbabwean city detained documentary filmmaker Zenzele Ndebele on March 21. Credit: CPJ/AFP/Zinyange Auntony.
Zimbabwe police arrest filmmaker Zenzele Ndebele

State security last week arrested documentary filmmaker Zenzele Ndebele after a used police teargas cannister from a protest was found in his car...

10 hours ago

Image source: Gallo/Getty.
Mauritius Telecom Launches my.t 4k smart box

The my.t 4K smart box was launched by the CEO of Mauritius Telecom, Sherry Singh, focusing on the company's mission to offer an extraordinary television experience to its customers...

4 hours ago

Boeing is doing crisis management all wrong - Here's what a company needs to do to restore the public's trust

A crisis creates a vacuum, an informational void that gets filled one way or another. The longer a company or other organisation at the centre of the crisis waits to communicate, the more likely that void will be filled by critics...

By Kelli Matthews 7 hours ago

Ghanaian police beat, arrest journalist Malik Sullemana

Authorities in Ghana should protect the safety of the press during interactions with police...

8 hours ago

Kwesé Free TV gets terrestrial license in South Africa

Kwesé Free TV, becomes the first free-to-air terrestrial broadcaster to be licensed in South Africa since received its license 21 years ago...

1 day ago

Four digital transformation communication strategies

Digital transformation has changed how we communicate with our customer, colleagues and friends. The digital age demands a new kind of communications leader...

By Ronelle Bester 1 day ago

#ECO19: How to build and sustain the trust of the online consumer

The key to building and sustaining the trust of the online consumer is to focus your business entirely on them, says Platinum Seed's Bradley Elliott...

By Maroefah Smith 1 day ago

Build a culture of curiosity to retain clients

I became curious about curiosity when I came across a nice article in the Guardian that pointed out how unhelpful the expression 'curiosity killed the cat' was to children's development. Why would you want to encourage someone to be less curious?

By Tony Spong 1 day ago

UN journalism fellowship applications open

Applications to 2019 Reham Al-Farra Memorial Journalism Fellowship now open...

1 day ago

Why science matters so much in the era of fake news and fallacies

Democracy and social progress die without science and fact-based knowledge. Science and facts are the foundational basis for rational and logical disputation and the possibility of reaching some truths. Fake news, on the other hand, is a calculated assault on democratic freedoms...

By Tawana Kupe 1 day ago

#OneShow2019: Humberto Polar's judging pick of the day

Humberto Polar, CCO of Grey Mexico and One Show 2019 Film judge selected Apple's "menagerie of colour and music" as his One Show 2019 pick of the day...

1 day ago

Africa's guide to sustainable development goals

Africa must digitise its economies, broaden its tax base, prevent further deterioration of fiscal and debt positions, and aim for double-digit growth to achieve the UN 2030 global goals (SDGs), and the AU Agenda 2063...

1 day ago

Digital trade and the economy in Africa

Policy, trade and the private sector in the digital era dominated debate at the Conference of African Ministers in Marrakesh...

1 day ago

More work needed on regional integration in Africa

Regional integration remains low, according to African Regional Integration Index...

1 day ago

#SeamlessSA: 6 steps to starting an e-commerce store in South Africa

Starting an e-commerce store in South Africa can be a tricky minefield. Luckily, Insaka E-Commerce Academy CEO Warrick Kernes let us in on his six top steps to starting an online business...

By Maroefah Smith 22 Mar 2019

#ECO19: Is your mobile commerce strategy excluding the mass market?

When you design for mobile, consider who you're building for. For the small percentage with beautiful, high-end phones, or for 61% of the market?

By Lauren Hartzenberg 22 Mar 2019

Warc predicts that Google and Facebook will make $176bn from advertising this year

Warc has found that of the $590.4bn spent on advertising worldwide last year, $144.6bn (24.5%) went to the Google and Facebook 'Duopoly', which equates to almost one in four dollars...

22 Mar 2019

#OneShow2019: Fran Luckin's judging pick of the day

"Terse, spare storytelling, very economical but very powerful" is how Fran Luckin, CCO of Grey Johannesburg and ADC 98th Annual Awards Advertising judge describes "The Truth Is Worth it", making it her ADC Awards pick of the day...

22 Mar 2019

Finalists announced for 2019 New York Festivals AME Awards

New York Festivals AME Awards has announced the finalists for the 2019 competition...

22 Mar 2019

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