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South African Social Media Landscape Report 2021 event launch
The new social networks
The new social networks

Issued by Meltwater 18 Jan 2021

Hit or miss: Instagram's Shop and Twitter's Fleets [social media analysis]
What's influencing where South Africans shop during lockdown?
Virtual launch of the South African Social Media Landscape 2020
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The human factor: a top insight from a CX Masterclass
Rethinking the relevance of big data
#BizTrends2019: Social credit scores three ways: The good, the bad and the ugly
Francois van Dyk, heads up Operations at Ornico.
The right software can ensure 'Big Data' doesn't overwhelm your business
Inaugural Africa Rising Film Fest to challenge old, embrace new
Social media mining: Critical to CX management in the digital age
Social media strategies beyond content plans: Embrace the mosh pit
Too much innovation could cost your business. Here's why
Posterscope OOH conversations
Say goodbye to breakfast, lite brunches are in!
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Why social media sentiment matters, according to UK mobile study
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Popimedia launches CMO2020 initiative
BrandsEye evaluates social media analytics trends in 2017
BrandsEye social media analysis outperforms polls in US elections
Will Trump stun the world? We ask social media
Human integration the key to accurate social media data
Clinton wins the debate but not the war
Branding in the new world: Understanding moments that matter
Coalition politics = brand management + service delivery
Power of social media in election predictions ignored in South Africa
Windswept on Chapman’s Peak.
Social listening can impact your day-to-day business
The digital trends that are shaping leading brands' marketing plans
Is visual the new language of consumers? Do we need to approach social media analytics in a new way?
Richness of big data is underexploited in SA
[BizTrends 2016] Digital transformation: top 10 technology trends of 2016
Powerful strategies for retaining your best employees
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Without data, you're just another person with an opinion...
Without data, you're just another person with an opinion...

Issued by African Influence Exchange 23 Jan 2015

Travelstart acquires Satisfly to leverage social data
Jessie Rudd
Brands need to adopt interactive shopping journey
Understanding customer behaviour through analytics
CMO Council releases auto report indicating lack of social media leverage
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