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Ornico provides brand, media and reputational intelligence and research to provide an independent view of brand performance. Gain the competitive edge by making strategic marketing and communications decisions to outsmart the competition.
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FMCG advertising trends report across South Africa's leading brandsThe fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) segment remains an extremely busy and competitive landscape for advertisers. Brand intelligence® firm, Ornico, has now compiled a free-to-download report on this segment, exploring advertising trends, new creative executions, developments and spending patterns for the financial period from March 2020 to February 2021. 29 Apr 2021 Read more

Advertising spend research among leading FMCG and retail brands in South AfricaBrand Intelligence® firm, Ornico tracked and analysed FMCG advertising in February 2021 to identify media habits and trends. This will form part of a broader annual trends discussion about the FMCG industry in a virtual event that takes place on 28 April 2021. Research shows that the most popular day of the week for new executions is Sunday across the top FMCG brands. 19 Apr 2021 Read more

Retail industry and FMCG advertising and media trends panel discussionOver the past year, the FMCG sector has seen unprecedented change that has affected the retail industry. This has led to transformation in media consumption, advertising and even shopping habits. 15 Apr 2021 Read more

Influence the South African Social Media Landscape 2021The SA Social Media Landscape Survey is one of the most significant parts of the South African social media landscape by Ornico and World Wide Worx, which is downloadable after it is launched. This report helps brands to make more informed decisions on their social media and digital marketing spend. 17 Mar 2021 Read more

Barcelona Principles 3.0 and measuring brand communication initiativesOrnico recently hosted a communication measurement webinar featuring the Barcelona Principles 3.0, which enables the effective measurement of brand and communication and PR efforts. This latest iteration of the Barcelona Principles focus on inclusion, impact and integrity, with AVEs said to not be the value of communication. 4 Dec 2020 Read more

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