8 Apr 2020Rand Show 2020Johannesburg
8 Apr 2020Gearing Schools for the Unpredictable FutureCape Town
9 Apr 2020SME Marketing WorkshopCape Town
10 Apr 2020Grande Provence has a Bounty of Chocolate Treasures this EasterFranschhoek
12 Apr 2020Easter heaven with ambrosial picnic bistronomyStellenbosch
12 Apr 2020Easter Daytime Experience with your familyStellenbosch
13 Apr 2020Computerised Accounting using SageNairobi
13 Apr 2020Computer Application SkillsNairobi
13 Apr 2020Practical Training on Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in Conservancy and Wildlife ManagementKigali
13 Apr 2020Application of GIS and RS in Planning Developing and Managing Effective Food Security StrategiesKigali
13 Apr 2020Computerised Mapping and Spatial Analysis using ArcGIS DesktopAbuja
13 Apr 2020Digital Cartography and GIS Mapping using ArcGIS (ArcMap) SoftwareAbuja
13 Apr 2020Qualitative Data Management and Thematic Analysis using NVivoAbuja
13 Apr 2020Analysis of Complex Sample Survey Data using StataNairobi
13 Apr 2020Specialised Techniques on Analysis of Complex Samples Survey Using StataAbuja
13 Apr 2020Data Collection and Management using Census and Survey Processing System CSProAbuja
13 Apr 2020Strategic Thinking Analysis and Planning for Sustained Organisational SuccessNairobi
13 Apr 2020Effective Risk Management in Organisational ContextAbuja
13 Apr 2020High Impact Leadership and Strategic Management WorkshopAbuja
13 Apr 2020Mobile Data Collection For M E Using ODK and Kobo ToolboxNairobi
13 Apr 2020Training on Human Resource ManagementNairobi
13 Apr 2020Training on Leadership SkillsNairobi
13 Apr 2020Training on Gender-Based ViolenceNairobi
13 Apr 2020Monitoring And Evaluation Of Water Sanitation And Hygiene WASH ProgrammesNairobi
13 Apr 2020Monitoring and Evaluation, Data Management and Analysis in Health Sector ProgrammesKigali
13 Apr 2020Projects, Programmes and Policies Impact Evaluation Techniques for Evidence-Based DevelopmentPretoria
13 Apr 2020Integrating Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing Skills TrainingNairobi
13 Apr 2020Mobile Data Collection for M&E using ODK and Kobo ToolboxNairobi
13 Apr 2020Monitoring and Evaluation of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Programmes ProgrammesNairobi
13 Apr 2020Agri-Business, Enterprise Development/Market Linkage CourseKigali
13 Apr 2020Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Management CourseKigali
13 Apr 2020Quantitative Data Management/ Analysis with STATA CourseKigali
13 Apr 2020Research Design, Mobile Data Collection, GIS Data Mapping, Data Analysis using NVIVO and R CourseKigali
13 Apr 2020Training on Impact Evaluation for Evidence-Based DevelopmentNairobi
14 Apr 2020Short course in employee wellnessPretoria
14 Apr 2020Short course in employee wellnessPretoria
15 Apr 2020Programme in human resources managementPretoria
15 Apr 2020
Top Empowerment Summit & Awards
2020 Top Empowerment Summit & Awards.
15 Apr 2020Programme in human resources managementPretoria
16 Apr 2020Key Messaging/Being Media ReadyJohannesburg
16 Apr 2020Short course in applied sport psychology: steps for optimising performance/mental toughnessPretoria
17 Apr 2020
POPIA Skills Series - Online Zoom Webinar
UCT Law@work presents a POPIA skills series. Sign up for one or all workshops.
17 Apr 2020
POPI Skill Series – Four Workshops
Sign up for one or all four of the workshops.
Cape Town
17 Apr 2020Tendering WorkshopDurban
18 Apr 2020Tokara Rare Plant Fair and Autumn Open Garden 2020Stellenbosch
18 Apr 2020SlapstickCape Town
20 Apr 202011th Edition of International Conference on Food Safety, Hygiene And Regulatory MeasuresUK
20 Apr 2020Short Course in Effective Risk ManagementPretoria
20 Apr 2020Advanced Course in the Management of Performance and DisciplinePretoria
20 Apr 2020Short Course in Project Management and Practices in OrganisationsPretoria
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