16 Oct 2021Introducing Jim Beam Welcome SessionsJohannesburg
16 Oct 2021Noordhoek open gardens back for the 6th year of sublime gardenNoordhoek
16 Oct 2021French SongbookCape Town
16 Oct 2021Beryl takes to the Flamingo StageKimberley
16 Oct 2021Kick back with High Tea/Cake at the Wild Coast SunWild Coast Sun
17 Oct 2021The Perfect Sunday LunchWild Coast Sun
17 Oct 2021Take the stage presents: Jasmine Minter and Amy JonesCape Town
18 Oct 2021Monitoring/Evaluation of Government Policies/Project/ProgrammesNairobi
18 Oct 2021Impact Assessment in Food/Nutrition Security Projects/ProgrammesAbuja
18 Oct 2021Effective Monitoring/Evaluation Techniques of Projects/Programmes in AgricultureAbuja
18 Oct 2021Innovative ways of promoting entrepreneurship and agribusiness developmentAbuja
18 Oct 2021Effective Monitoring/Evaluation Techniques of Projects/Programmes in AgricultureAbuja
18 Oct 2021Application of GIS/Remote Sensing in Effective Food/Nutrition Security ProgrammingNairobi
18 Oct 2021European Freelancers Week 2021Johannesburg
18 Oct 2021Advanced Statistical Analysis Using Statistical Package for Social SciencesNairobi
18 Oct 2021Analysis of Qualitative Data using QDA MinerNairobi
18 Oct 2021Data Analysis/Results interpretation/Presentation/ReportingNairobi
18 Oct 2021Discrete Choice modeling through theory and practiceNairobi
18 Oct 2021Effective Data Collection Management/VisualisationNairobi
18 Oct 2021Integrating Gender in Scientific Research to Enhance Adoption of TechnologiesNairobi
18 Oct 2021Longitudinal/Panel and Time Series Data Analysis using StataNairobi
18 Oct 2021Postgraduate Proposal/Thesis Development MentorshipNairobi
18 Oct 2021Statistical Data Analysis using Microsoft ExcelNairobi
18 Oct 2021Gender-Based Violence Online CourseNairobi
18 Oct 2021Training on Microsoft Excel Dynamic Dashboards for Efficient and Effective Management ReportingNairobi
18 Oct 2021Adobe Illustrator Skills TrainingNairobi
18 Oct 2021Technical report writingOnline
18 Oct 2021Agricultural Training on Crop Biotechnology for Food Security and NutritionNairobi
18 Oct 2021Enhancing Economic opportunities for resilient pastoral livelihoodsNairobi
18 Oct 2021Data Management Analysis and Visualisation for Agriculture and Rural Development ProgrammesNairobi
18 Oct 2021Evaluation of Agribusiness Firms for risk management and Potential for Financial LendingNairobi
18 Oct 2021Effective Use of Biopesticide for healthy and sustainable crop productionNairobi
18 Oct 2021Training Climate Change Risk Management in Building Resilience to Mitigate Effects of Climate ChangeNairobi
18 Oct 2021Climate Change Adaptation in a Changing Environment Training CourseNairobi
18 Oct 2021Agricultural Policy Framework for Development Training CourseNairobi
18 Oct 2021Rural Areas Pocket Guide for School Leavers and the Unemployed YouthMthatha
18 Oct 2021Training on gender and social inclusion in agricultureNairobi
18 Oct 2021Agriculture Training on Food security analysisNairobi
18 Oct 2021Integrated Soil Health and Fertility Management for Sustainable Food and Nutrition SecurityNairobi
18 Oct 2021Training on Livelihoods Assessment and AnalysisNairobi
18 Oct 2021International Training on Gender Analysis and Integration in AgricultureNairobi
18 Oct 2021International Training on Food Security Policies Formulation and ImplementationNairobi
18 Oct 2021Food and Nutrition Security AnalysisNairobi
18 Oct 2021Training on Poultry Farming for Food Security and Poverty EradicationNairobi
18 Oct 2021Training on Promoting Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness DevelopmentNairobi
18 Oct 2021Smallholder Producers Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Development (SPEED) Training courseNairobi
18 Oct 2021Best Training on Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture for food and nutrition securityNairobi
18 Oct 2021Training on Water Harvesting Techniques for Rural DevelopmentNairobi
18 Oct 2021Training on Advanced Servers for ODKNairobi
18 Oct 2021Mentor Professional Development - Self-empowerment in a Community of PracticePretoria
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