hi everyone. am a university student in Kenya with some very cool advert ideas. the problem is, i just don't know how i can be able get into the advert industry. any clues please 3 Mar 2009

Help! I need a training course

I need a 3 - 5 days training course in media planinng and buying in SA. Do anyone have an idea of available ones? 19 Feb 2009

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Coke parody of Cell C cinema ad

Anyone seen the Coke parody of the Cell C cinema ad? I laughed myself silly last night at the movies. 14 Mar 2007

Corporate and promotional gifts

What do you look for in a corporate gift company? 8 Mar 2007

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independent agencies selling ads

Perhaps someone could be of assistance. I am trying to locate an independent company that's sole function is to sell ads for publications such as magazines. 23 Feb 2007

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That's definitely not my Marmite

The new Marmite commercial must surely be doing more harm than good. 21 Feb 2007

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Where to take creativity???

i am this random guy, with a random problem, me being the random guy can make ads about anything at anytime the random problem is that i dont know where to go, so that one of my ads can apear on set or on a poster or any form of media. 20 Feb 2007

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Round and round in Creative Circles

The judging of the Creative Circle Awards clearly needs to be relooked. 23 Jan 2007

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career in TRAFFIC - no nonsense?

Do you have to have a no nonsense attitude to do traffic in advertising? Is it a rewarding career? 23 Jan 2007

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Baby in advert

which advertising agency can I contact? 23 Jan 2007

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Are ad agencies communicating properly?

I have noticed that SOME ads are really entertaining but fail to communicate about the product they are advertising. 17 Jan 2007

Ode of farewell to 2006

A talented member of the support team, Shan Radcliffe, has penned an ode of farewell to 2006. 15 Dec 2006

Come in Rostakes - Over !

hie Rostakes .... i need your advice on something, please email me on 13 Dec 2006

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Cost of copyrighted music and models in ads

How much does it cost to use copyrighted music on an ad, plus how much does a regular model in an ad cost? I have seen ads with over 30 people in them. 13 Dec 2006

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Salaries in the design/advertising/digital Industry - how do you know what to pay?

How do you know what to pay your staff, what is a good starting salary, when do you give a raise etc etc? 6 Dec 2006

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Old school advertising

There is a billboard on the corner of Rivonia and Katherine streets for a strip club touting it as a great business lunch venue. Isn't it time we acknowledged that strip clubs aren't places to conduct business - but are rather entertainment venues? 6 Dec 2006

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Do I miss something in the new Iburst TV ad?

The new Iburst TV ad does not (unless I am missing something) show that going wireless is such a good idea. 28 Nov 2006

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The coffee is black and cannot be smelt!

The new survey by the University of Cape Town's Unilever Institute finds black people think that agencies ads directed at them sucks!!! 27 Nov 2006

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No to Mo the Meerkat

Can I really be the only one moved to homicidal dislike by Vodacom's creepy meerkat? 27 Nov 2006

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Presenting creative ideas during pitches

A Cape-based medium sized FMCG company recently asked a few agencies to pitch. Problem is, they insisted on seeing creative work/ideas during the pitch. One agency would get the account but would have all these ideas to work with.

  • Is there not a better way to do pitches?
  • What is the norm? 24 Nov 2006

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    KFC & Hang Ten

    Lame, Lame, Lame 24 Nov 2006

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    Ripped off by traffic department

    FNB asked us if we believe in the value of values, but time and time again it seems that the people that don't believe in them are the one's that thrive. 24 Nov 2006

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    Fake ads. Worth the reward?

    Should one idiot (let's call him the client) be able to stop a great idea? 26 Oct 2006

    Are we missing a trick?

    Once upon a time a great ad that won awards influenced sales and changed marketing. Today ads that 'creatives' switch off influence sales, and win marketing/branding awards. Are we as aspiring creatives missing the boat that Mo the Meerkat sailed in on? 15 Aug 2006

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    Ford rugby field?

    Our population is 80% football crazy and only 20% rugby fanatics and yet Ford's latest TV ad targets the 20%? 10 Jul 2006

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    Why the 99c pricing policy?

    Since the demise of the 1 and 2 cent coins, why do retailers still advertise goods with 99c tagged on the end? 3 Jul 2006

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    Tap ads damaging the brand?

    The new Isca tap ad campaign currently on TV shows taps "so good you won't want to do certain things in front of them" - or some other lame line. Am I alone in thinking that they are damaging the image of the brand? 16 May 2006

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    Help: How does one disconnect from the ad world and become normal again?

    I've been in the industry for many years and feel as though it has changed me for the worse! 14 May 2006

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    Pepsi's SA arrival campaign

    Who do they think they are...? 3 May 2006

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    Same character over and over in ads - dangerous?

    I sometimes find that in such ads, one ends up paying attention to the character and not what is being advertised. 28 Feb 2006

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