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That's definitely not my Marmite

The new Marmite commercial must surely be doing more harm than good.
As the co-creator of the original 'That's my Marmite' commercial, i look at the current commercial and wonder what on earth it is doing on TV.

Marmite is a family product, mainly aimed at kids. In this new abomination, we have an urban yuppy couple, with a guy who puts his gorgeous wife/girlfriend in the back of his Mini, so that the jar of Marmite can travel in the front. Puh -leeze, what on earth is this utter rubbish doing on air and who on earth approved such utter contrived non sense? It shows a distinct lack of understanding and is an embarrassement to the advertising industry. The client should surely be hanging their heads in shame.
Forum created by Tim Pinder
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the concept may work for some other products , but here it totally alienates the family and also makes it seem as if its a male- biased product since it has no supporting ads to suggest otherwise.
Posted on 12 Mar 2007 14:46
Ann du Toit
Yip, strange little man!-
I fully agree, the new Marmite ad is positively weird, no one should be that obsessed with a pot of Marmite. What is even stranger is the new naked ads by Sanex and Vaseline? Same agency or a serious leak in confidentiality? And all those naked people are also positively weird, perhaps they also like their Marmite!!
Posted on 14 Mar 2007 12:08
my thoughts too-
as an aside, i also hate the song playing in the back as the couple go about living their marmite lives...just really aweful and annoying. i also find the thought of a marmite cake disgusting. Just a thought...
Posted on 23 Mar 2007 02:33
It gets worse-
Now the silly prat, who puts his gorgeous girfriend in the back seat of his Mini so that the Marmite jar can ride next to him, takes a jar of Marmite to watch cricket with him. Oh pah leeeze, will someone at the Marketing company get real and do something about this moronic advertising before we all stop buying your great product because of this stupid advertising
Posted on 23 Apr 2007 15:47