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Ford rugby field?

Our population is 80% football crazy and only 20% rugby fanatics and yet Ford's latest TV ad targets the 20%?
The latest Ford TV ad features a man and his pregnant wife gazing over a rugby field that the husband has built in the veld, and she says to him, "But what if it's a girl?"

Forgive me if I've got it wrong, but there's been a massive shift in the last few years in terms of who has disposable income, and it's not the white ous who enjoy their rugby! If Ford wants to sell macho 4 x 4's or whatever, they've got to do their homework and find out who's got the bucks!
Just guessing
Not alienating it's current market?-
& moving towards the "new" market a tad bit later than others? Thereby not jumping on the bandwagon too soon and seeming like they are deserting their current market, but planning to jump on the bandwagon as soon as their is enough of a market size for "new market" 4x4 owners?
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 08:14
Oh, please...-
OMG, get the chip of your shoulder Sifiso... I thought the Ford ad is adorable and certainly did not alienate me who -- if you were wondering - forms part of the 'new spender'... I loved it and although I am not fanatic about rugby it still spoke to me on various other levels...
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 09:18
Sifiso - where are thos stats from?-
I'm curious as to where you got those stats from, how accurate they are? I live in the UK now and the amount of ads geared towards football fans drives me insane, they seem to have forgotten the sport of rugby, something I miss incredibly about South Africa.
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 14:13
The Watcher
Ni$$a please...-
you're not making any sense.
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 14:22
Not so sure it is a rugby field-
I could be wrong, as I've only seen the ad once, but it looked to me as if the ad was from the states and it's an American Football field.
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 15:27
I dont know why everyone keeps on criticising adverts....I thought it was brilliant. Rugby is bigger than only 20% and not everyone likes football!!!!! I agree with the UK comment...let rugby become bigger again. Go Ford, excellent advert!!!!!
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 15:28
Show me the farmer-
First of all the add is geared at the farming community, big field, in the country, lil community shop, all the local farmers who help create the damn field, Sheez! and sorry to say but which race is prodominately farmers in this country.
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 15:48
Relevance over stats-
Does it need to be relevant, wasn't the home truth that the expectant Dad was hoping and preparing for a son. Any human can identify with this, I love rugby but if it had been a soccer field or an athletics track I would have got the concept. On the other hand I did think it was a bit cliched and didn't do much to promote the range of 4x4's they offer. Anyone able to name more than one of their range (who doesn't work on the account)?
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 15:48
Why this issue? As far as I'm concerned nobody has been harmed!!
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 16:07
Ford trying....... -
I think Ford is trying to captivate the farmer, maybe to sell more products(bakkies) to the farmer, as I believe Toyota has the majority share in that market. I would love to hear Sifiso's comment on the Hyundai bakkie campaign. It is not about the sport.
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 16:27
I thought I was the only one...-
I saw that ad and for a second thought I'd perhaps imagined it... Hay' no clearly they aren't even going to pretend they are speaking to my demographic. Which is indeed their perogative... And a welcome break from the brands who try too hard. But point taken brotha
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 16:32
Only one third of those earning more than R10,000 per month are interested in soccer. (AMPS2005 6m)-
Roughly half of those earning less than R10,000 per month are interested in soccer. Only one third of those earning more than R10,000 per month are interested in soccer. (AMPS2005 6m)
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 16:44
Pimp my veld-
Are you serious ? Do you actually believe that black peaople wont buy a ford cause an advert focuses on rugby as opposed to Soccer. Get a life.
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 16:59
Get over it-
Why does it have to boil down to a black vs white issue? How long will you carry this cross on your shoulders? How can an ad that tugs on most people's paternal heart strings make you so bitter and outraged? How long will you drink the poison of your sour unforgiving attitude and wait for the white man to die? Do you not realise that the only person harmed by this attitude is yourself? The only way to set yourself free brother is to just let go...forgive and move on and accept that the world is not out to get you.
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 17:02
Imagine an average ad-
It was shot last month in Gauteng using local actors - it's definitely meant to be a rugby field. I don't really understand the original post. Advertising isn't democratic, doesn't have to only use the biggest/most popular/most prolific/most representative themes or actors or storylines or props or music... I mean, imagine! Anyway, the "what if it's a girl" joke wouldn't work with a soccer field, because women do play soccer, much more so than rugby.
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 18:21
Ever stop to consider that Ford's target market may be that 20% and not the other 80%? And yeah - where did you get those stats anyway? And why should this be an issue - how many marketers use rugby in their ads - surely they can't all be missing 80% of our sports fans? Finally - get a life - you obviously have too much time on your hands.
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 18:58
It's not the white ous????-
No it's not the white ou's - it's any expectant dad who anticipates a future rugby, soccer, golf or whatever sport hero - and starts buying the kit and equipment before the baby's born. And most mum's will relate to the ad too - having been through their partner trying to get their 4 year old daughter interested in mountain biking when they're still on training wheels - etc. You obviously don't have children - and you obviously don't understand what the ad is about.
Posted on 11 Jul 2006 19:03
stop complaining!!! its just advertising!!!
Posted on 12 Jul 2006 09:32
Southern Hemisphere ?-
Perhaps a spin off of Fords Huge investment in NZ and Aussie ?
Posted on 12 Jul 2006 11:48
Your comment is pathetic.
Posted on 13 Jul 2006 10:09
Its all good-
Well the majority of people who can afford this car will more than likely be a big supporter of rugby. If not they can liken the roughness of rugby with that of the Car as it is the bakkie.
Posted on 17 Jul 2006 21:23
They call it TARGET MARKETING!!!-
Safiso - maybe the guys at Ford realised that the 20% can't afford luxury vehicles such as BMW X5's, Mercs and Jeep Cherokee's - hench following the basic rule of targeting the people that can afford your product. As you rightly said: the buying power does not lie with the 20% so a cheeper alternative need to be supplied.
Posted on 17 Jul 2006 22:42
The Biscuit
Ford in New Zealand-
Ford is big in rugby in New Zealand, mayby they want to try it here
Posted on 18 Jul 2006 10:56
you lack understanding my brother-
the 80% you refer to catch taxis. and black "ou's" dig rugby too. my understanding is that this new genre' of money is educated and not racist and don't need to have one black guy, one white girl, one coloured and an indian in an ad to "get it".
Posted on 18 Jul 2006 11:50
Ford is leveraging its investment in rugby-
For those who may not know, Ford is an associate sponsor to the Springboks and the official vehicle supplier to SA Rugby. The ad therefore is probably leveraging its assoctiation with rugby as it has done in print. Why invest in rugby and the use soccer to leverage.
Posted on 21 Jul 2006 12:05
Ford Fan
Come on guys really. The ad wasn't about sport,the rugby feild simply represents the bigger idea of sport itself. The ad was warmth and loving, the crux of it being that the Ford 4x4 range was used to build a sports field (note i say sports field and not rugby feild) for an expectant dad. Why are you commenting when you clearly no nothing about what the ad is about? Leave it to the people who see advertsing as advertising, not to be scrutinized by people who cant see past their own issues.
Posted on 21 Jul 2006 15:51
i think that this is a brilliant comment
Posted on 26 Jul 2006 12:13
rugby vs soccer players-
The Ford 4x4 brand essence is that of being tough. Sorry to the football fans out there, but compared to rugby players, soccer players are a bunch of whimps. If they are half-dead when someone hardly touch them, imagine what would happen if a Jerry Collins or a De Wet Barry should man-handle him.
Posted on 17 Aug 2006 16:49
No, Sifiso... no,no no.-
I have been visiting these forums every so often for a good few years now, and every single time there's some IDIOT gnawing away at that old raggedy bone of the "Race Issue". Sifiso, I heartily recommend that you print out what the anonymous poster said in the post entitled "Get over it", have it laminated, and read it every day till you understand. The rest of us have moved on, "brotha" - catch up... or shut up. *shakes head in dismay*
Posted on 19 Aug 2006 09:54
is that the furthest u could think SIFISO?-
one day when u and your friends decide to go camping or something, and somewhere along the day u get bored, i can asure u, u or one of your friends will say "lets build a soccer a pitch". and that idea will be inspired by the ford ad.....SO THINK BROADER! did i mention rugby?
Posted on 17 Oct 2006 00:00


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