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Should audiences be warned about ''hidden'' or ''stealth'' advertising?

The Writers Guild of America, with backing from the Screen Actors Guild, has called for a code of conduct to govern the growing trend of hidden advertising in TV shows and films. 24 Jan 2006

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Billboards taking over the suburbs

Are we allowing our suburbs to be overtaken by billboards and ad poles and is there a line to what should be advertised on them? 10 Jan 2006

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Outsurance ad misleading

At first glance an Outsurance ad that appeared on the front page of The Star on 29 August and on the inside back cover of the August issue of Car Magazine looked like a great offer. 31 Aug 2005

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Nonsense or rubbish?

Do we care what words really mean nowadays or has English lost its nuances as part of the dumbing down? 14 Aug 2005

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46 hours of annoying advertising

Is it just me or are the marketers of impotence medication getting a little too... in your face? 24 Jul 2005

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Dodgy international ads

There's a lot of really crappy international spots on tv these days. Why can't agencies sell original work instead of dodgy international ads? 18 Jul 2005

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Change in advertising in South Africa

What is it exactly that has changed in South African advertising and what are the main causes for these changes? 7 Jul 2005

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Why is experience discarded?

Despite the home coming revolution, we senior experienced creatives are no longer considered for employment. 26 Jun 2005

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What is up with those Good Hope Ads?

The ad is made up of a variety of scenes with fit, sexy(?) women performing various suggestive activities to a ludicrous soundtrack on a fishing boat. 14 Jun 2005

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Student Advertising

The student market is a huge source of revenue yet to get companies to advertise to them is often difficult. Any reason? 16 May 2005

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What marketing mix is best for me?

I'm a business owner and have a feeling our marketing can be much more effective if I transfer some of my media spend to something else, but what? The options are overwhelming: 12 May 2005

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The Loeries

Now that the immediate shock of the new Loeries Awards 2005 venue being announced as Margate is over, is anyone actually going to make the best of it and go and have a fabulous time? 28 Apr 2005

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Golf GTI Commercial

I think it's fantastic but there seems to be a definite divide between those that love it and those that don't. The commercial in question is the one where the guy is 'driving' a drum set and in the reflection of a building we see the new GTi. 22 Apr 2005

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The Loeries in Margate

What do you think of The Loeries Committee choosing Margate as the venue for The Loerie Awards, 15-16 October 2005? 19 Apr 2005

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Are SA's top creative shops 'borrowing' ideas?

It would appear that some of SA's leading creative teams are 'recreating' European ideas that have already received acclaim for different brands. 18 Apr 2005

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Unreliable Printers

Is it the norm???Why is it that printers promise you the moon and stars, yet never seem to deliver the quality you were assured from their "mission statement" behind the receptionist's desk or on the deadline you were assured will be met!? 7 Apr 2005

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Losing faith in the ASA

The ASA has a very important role to play - what happens when both consumers and advertisers lose faith in it? 31 Mar 2005

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New Chevrolet Lumina SS commercial is ... shocking?

What is the purpose of producing a commmercial for a 'flagship' model of an Automotive brand, that is absolutley terrible? 30 Mar 2005

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Public Service Announcements on TV

Are they supposed to be this pathetic? 29 Mar 2005

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ASA decision an early April Fool's joke?

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned the Sasol rugby ad for misrepresenting the origins of the game. 28 Mar 2005

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Making fun of Indians

Why are so many adverts (both visual and audio) making fun at Indians? 24 Mar 2005

Proudly South African, totem poles and all

Is it just me, or is it a little odd seeing the Proudly South African logo next to all the native american imagery on the Spur ads? 22 Mar 2005

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Banning of Getz ad

The Getz ad featuring a young woman telling her date to forget dinner and a movie (because, it is implied, she wants to get on with having sex with him) has reportedly been banned by the ASA. 22 Mar 2005

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Advertising = addiction

People stereotypically equate working in the ad industry to having an addiction of some kind, be it the much-loved nose-candy or borderline alcoholism... 21 Mar 2005

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The new OXY add really gets the message across loud and clear

That add gives me the shivers. Even thinking about it just makes my whole body shiver. Its really disgusting. I can't standing the crab flipping on her forehead. That is so Yuk. 17 Mar 2005

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Citroen C4 'Robot' ad

The 'new' Citroen C4 ad really got my attention. The ad starts with some vibey music and the car converting into a robot. 15 Mar 2005

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The latest print for Hansa beer is racist

Categorising and profiling beer drinkers by skin colour is racist and hardly scientific marketing demarcation. 14 Mar 2005

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Playing on the vulnerabilities of teenage girls?

Are the latest sanitary pad adverts really playing on the fears of teenage girls? Some of the ads featured a girl nervously checking out her backside in a window, the other shows a girl afraid to stand up after sitting for a while. 3 Mar 2005

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Revisiting the Broadway Sweets ads

When I watch the Broadway Sweets ads these days, I find that I can't help marvelling at how good they are. 1 Mar 2005

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'Whites Only' ads hark back to Apartheid era

K-Swiss and Hansa are utilising edgy and jarring references to the Apartheid era of "whites only". Will this creative licence be accepted in SA? 15 Feb 2005

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