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Africa's changing times in broadcast media: Embracing platforms to keep up with rising competition

As newer and more innovative technologies change how content is created, distributed and consumed, the entry of global players is threatening the local South African market share and compelling local media organisations to rethink their traditional business models to take up the competition in the global context...

By Roman Magis 15 Jul 2020

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A moment of reckoning for business

As the Covid-19 pandemic disrupts lives and damages economies, society is looking to big business for leadership and solutions. So far, however, the private sector has not lived up to expectations, Edelman's most recent Trust Barometer data shows...

By Jordan Rittenberry 21 May 2020

#WhatWomenWant in 2020: Welcome to the new era of progressive marketing
#WhatWomenWant in 2020: Welcome to the new era of progressive marketing

This week, in celebration of International Women's Day, Kantar hosted engaging afternoon presentations at its Cape Town and Johannesburg offices where Jane Bloomfield, chief growth officer from the UK, talked through findings from Kantar's #WhatWomenWant global study...

By Leigh Andrews, Issued by Kantar 12 Mar 2020

#BizTrends2020: The future of retailing in sub-Saharan Africa
#BizTrends2020: The future of retailing in sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa is home to 14% of the world's population and by 2030, the region's population will surpass that of China. The way consumers shop in the region is ever-changing...

By Christele Chokossa 8 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Africa's double-edged consumer demand
#BizTrends2020: Africa's double-edged consumer demand

Africa's consumer landscape is fragmented and polarised, characterised by the double-edged demand of a diverse base of consumers...

By Ailsa Wingfield 6 Jan 2020

10 questions to ask the marketing director
10 questions to ask the marketing director

Mike Broom lists some of the key requirements of having necessary, up-to-date knowledge to be able to control the company's marketing destiny with success...

By mike broom 3 Dec 2019

Cesar Vacchiano, president and CEO of Scopen International. Image source: Scopen .
Scopen's Cesar Vacchiano analyses the 2019 Agency Scope Study

Juanita Pienaar chats to president and CEO of Scopen International, Cesar Vacchiano, who visited South Africa earlier this month to present the findings from the recent Agency Scope Study...

By Juanita Pienaar 22 Nov 2019

Image source: PwC global entertainment and media outlook.
#PwCOutlook: E&M gets personal

The main findings of the 10th edition of the African version of the PwC Entertainment and Media Outlook: An African perspective, 2019 - 2023 was recently presented in Johannesburg...

By Danette Breitenbach 15 Nov 2019

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A guide to understanding the importance of anthropology in B2B marketing

Anthropology in the B2B space has seen great success over the years by helping businesses at all levels see and think differently about their business and clients...

By Martin Musasa 7 Nov 2019

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Why data is more important than ever to customer experience

In today's world, the margin between businesses that thrive and those that merely survive is growing increasingly narrow...

By Brent Haumann 6 Nov 2019

Drivers and fears of SA's online consumers
Drivers and fears of SA's online consumers

Local representatives from market research and consulting firm IPSOS recently shared a preview of some of the key insights gleaned from its yet to be released global trend survey for 2019...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 28 Oct 2019

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A different perspective on measurement for the non-analytical mind

Have measurement frameworks ever confused you? Just how do you go about deciding which framework is best for your marketing efforts? Let me help...

By Tyran De Beer 24 Oct 2019

Data technology driving agility in retail
Data technology driving agility in retail

Competition amongst suppliers and retailers are at an all-time high, and today's consumer is much less predictable than in the past...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 15 Oct 2019

The reason AI can predict consumer behaviour
The reason AI can predict consumer behaviour

It's June. In Durban. In a clothing store in the main street, a 26-year old marathon-runner buys a bowtie and, seemingly randomly, adds a board shorts...

By Vian Chinner 11 Oct 2019

Is there a war between direct and online selling?
Is there a war between direct and online selling?

Sales managers in South Africa currently have to deal with two very important factors that have a significant impact on the sales environment...

By Dr Marius Wait 11 Oct 2019

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Say hello to Generation Alpha

Bracing and gearing our businesses for the onslaught of the future consumer is key to remaining relevant in the media industry and beyond...

By Sean Sullivan 26 Sep 2019

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The significant shift from aspirational to inspirational brands

The Top Million research report into South Africa's top million households in 2019 - with a combined buying power of R700 billion - looks at what drives this 'Upper Middle Class'; what they are spending on; where they have cut back; and how marketers can reach this group...?

By Louise Burgers 13 Sep 2019

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The SA consumers with the power to make or break brands

The Top Million research report into South Africa's Upper Middle Class households in 2019 - with a combined buying power of R700 billion - was released by the UCT Marketing Institute and ad agency M&C Saatchi Abel, in both Johannesburg and Cape Town this week...

By Louise Burgers 12 Sep 2019

Panellists at the IAB Insight Series, Episode 9: Benchmarking Digital Excellence - Work that Wins in Digital (L to r) Jarred Cinman, CEO VMLYR; Paula Hulley, IAB South Africa CEO; Ricky Hendricks, digital marketing manager Tencent Africa; Emma Carpenter, group design director Fjord (Accenture); Siyabonga Africa, South Africa Media Innovation Programme and Nomacala Mpeta, head of learning Digify.
IAB Insight Series: Benchmarking for success

As open source becomes more prolific, benchmarking will become more important...

By Danette Breitenbach 2 Sep 2019

#Loeries 2019: Brand SA tells untold stories
#Loeries 2019: Brand SA tells untold stories

One of the first Loeries Masterclasses for the day was hosted by Brand SA. Sithembile Ntombela, acting chief marketing officer of Brand SA, opened the floor for speakers stating that the session was about building the South African brand, and how all stakeholders can (and should) be involved...

By Angie White 22 Aug 2019

Kantar CEO, Eric Salama. Image supplied.
Kantar's Eric Salama discusses the way forward under new owner Bain Capital

Kantar CEO Eric Salama presented an update on the new ownership structure and the opportunities under, Bain Capital during a press call held on Thursday...

By Juanita Pienaar 5 Aug 2019

Kevin Kruger has joined BMi Research as its new chief executive officer.
#Newsmaker: Kevin Kruger joins BMi Research as chief executive officer

Kevin Kruger joined BMi Research, last month, as its new chief executive officer and took over from Gareth Pearson who led the organisation for the last 19 years...

By Jessica Tennant 23 Jul 2019

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An introduction to evidence-based marketing

Empirically-based studies can help to explain and predict effective communication, giving us the tools and knowledge to execute much better marketing...

By Kirsty Dugmore 16 Jul 2019

Debbie McIntyre, marketing and research director at Spark Media. Image supplied.
#Roots2019: Brand loyalty is dead

Brands like to think that everyone loves their brand, but the harsh reality is that while they use your brand, they also use everyone else's brands...

By Danette Breitenbach 12 Jun 2019

Regine le Roux, managing director of Reputation Matters.
Why ethics and reputation matters in Africa [study]

Regine le Roux of Reputation Matters sums up some of the insights that stood out to her from Apra's recent ethics and reputation research study and elaborates on how we can change the narrative and positively influence the stories that are told about Africa...

By Juanita Pienaar 12 Jun 2019

Wayne Hull
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#IABSummit19: The digital transformation opportunity starts with you

Accenture Digital MD Wayne Hull presented a keynote on 'Leading in the new' at this year's IAB Summit, which took place on Thursday, 30 May at the Joburg Theatre in Braamfontein, looking at digital transformation through three critical lenses...

By Jessica Tennant 4 Jun 2019

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The true value of data for marketers

Data analytics; the new buzzword for business people everywhere - it's the new north star guiding every decision we're supposed to make. But there's a lot of data and not a lot of understanding on what to do with it, often making data analytics more confusing and less useful than it should be...

By Matt Arnold 29 May 2019

4 best practices for making mobile video work for your brand
4 best practices for making mobile video work for your brand

When it comes to mobile video advertising, most marketers would intuitively think that what matters most is how long a viewer engages with the content. But new research shows that there is no correlation between total average view time and aided brand awareness...

By Elizma Nolte 15 Apr 2019

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Social media: Promising arena for public debate

Government communicators need to realise that traditional communication is obsolete in this digital cultural age...

By Rirhandzu Shingwenyana 5 Apr 2019

Evidence based marketing - what is it and why do we need it?
Evidence based marketing - what is it and why do we need it?

The concepts of behavioural economics, observed consumer behaviour and neuro-marketing are enough to make any marketer head for the hills out of the sheer fear of not knowing where to begin. Kirsty Dugmore of SugaSpice puts it simply...

By Kirsty Dugmore 3 Apr 2019

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