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5 steps to becoming a smarter target marketer

Dr Carl Driesener, senior marketing scientist at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute (EBI) of marketing science in Australia - the home of evidence-based marketing, shared five steps to being a smarter target marketer at Spark Media's recent 'seminar roadshow'...

By Leigh Andrews 8 Nov 2019

The Goldilocks role of targeting in evidence-based marketing

Dr Carl Driesener, of Australia's Ehrenberg-Bass Institute (EBI), the home of evidence-based marketing - showcased little-known traps of targeting at their recent Spark Media-hosted annual presentation, to assist in achieving better marketing results...

By Leigh Andrews 7 Nov 2019

Can your company's reputation be redeemed post-scandal?

The destructive power of a corruption incident cannot be understated. The Steinhoff scandal of 2019 and the ongoing state capture enquiry are cautionary tales of how costly unethical behaviour can be...

By Alex Roberts and Ntokozo Mahlangu 6 Nov 2019

#FairnessFirst: Go beyond pink branding for true female customer satisfaction

Her focus on how financial services, in particular, tend to connect with females consumers in the wrong way was a stand-out section of Barbara Cador, global head of Kantar's CX+ initiative's opening presentation at the Cape Town version of the Kantar customer experience (CX) advantage 2019 masterclass...

By Leigh Andrews 4 Nov 2019

#Imaginethat: Brett Morris on FCB Africa's rebrand as Nahana

Local marketing media is in a flurry over news that FCB has rebranded as Nahana Communications Group. Brett Morris explains what's changing and what's staying the same...

By Leigh Andrews 1 Nov 2019

Announcing Nahana Communications Group: An innovative offering launched to better deliver for SA's advertising and marketing demands

South Africa's advertising and marketing communication industry has a new group of agencies, Nahana Communications Group...

Issued by FCB Joburg 1 Nov 2019

How technology helps brands evolve

Today's customers are tech-savvy; have access to brands across a global marketplace; are not restricted to trading hours; and they know what they want.

By Paula Sartini 18 Oct 2019

Today's tech tips marketers can use to save the shopper money

Top on the shopper's mind today is that she needs to save her money - and that includes when you ask her to use her mobile phone to enter a competition and engage with your brand. Here are our five top tech tips that South African marketers can use...

By Candice Goodman, Issued by Mobitainment 14 Oct 2019

New rules for living a creative life, the Gen-Z way - whatever your age

'Sneaker-head' Hayden Manuel broke the clichéd idea of "Cape Town creative" when he shared how creativity, grit and determination led him to become Puma's sports style marketing manager in the latest Red & Yellow lunchtime lecture...

By leigh andrews 11 Oct 2019

Establishing an Africa-based global destination image platform at Brand Summit Africa 2020

Brand Summit South Africa is excited to announce that 1-5 June 2020 has been dubbed "Brand Summit Week" in Cape Town, launching a pan-African theme in response to calls to expand the strategic reach of the event to embrace the entire African continent from 2020 onwards...

Issued by Brand Summit South Africa 9 Oct 2019

Africa is hell

False. What you think is what you get...

By Ndeye Diagne, Issued by Kantar 8 Oct 2019

#AdobeCX: How to embrace the power of customer experience management

Axel Schaefer, head of product and industry marketing for Adobe Analytics EMEA flew in from Germany to present the opening session of the Adobe CX Forum Cape Town 2019's exclusive morning briefing. He explained the importance of cross-channel optimisation, in particular, to offer the best possible experience to the coming 'consumer 2020'...

By Leigh Andrews 8 Oct 2019

Know your business inside out with a Biz Office

New expectations of transparency and authenticity in business means things like organisational purpose, brand stories, how your company does things, what it believes in and what it stands for, can all play a part in how your company sees itself and how it is seen by others...

Issued by 2 Oct 2019

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