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#GartnerSYM: Offering the 'everything customer' the multi-experience

Continuing the opening keynote from the first morning of Gartner Symposium 2019, Don Scheibenreif, distinguished VP analyst at Gartner, explained the concept of the 'everything consumer' and why we need to offer them the all-new multi-experience...

By Leigh Andrews 2 days ago

Reaching the base-of-the-pyramid consumer

Two years ago, I was exposed to a course that completely blew my mind but also spoke to my heart...

By Lorraine Gwewera 10 Sep 2019

Foschini reveals new All Woman concept store

Foschini recently unveiled its new fashion and beauty-centred All Woman concept store at Fourways Mall in Johannesburg...

6 Sep 2019

Southern African shopping centres require a holistic, fluid strategy

According to the Clur Report of SA Retail Property, shopping centres in Southern Africa need to adopt an integrated, holistic and fluid strategy to drive performance given shifting local and international approaches to lifestyle...

6 Sep 2019

#EuroShop: Out with boring, in with experience

To be successful today, bricks and mortar stores must move from selling as their main purpose to providing consumers with a combination of products and experiences that are engaging and inspirational...

By Danette Breitenbach 5 Sep 2019

How to keep sales booming throughout the year

Ensuring that your business stays on a consistent sales streak throughout the year - especially during slower seasons - can be a tough task. Wholesale fashion brand BGirl Fashion offers some tips on how to exactly that.

4 Sep 2019

Customer loyalty - It's a dog's life

Acquiring today's customer is a lot like getting a dog. They provide an endless amount of value and the feel-good sense of confidence that you're doing a good job...

By David Alves 4 Sep 2019

How female consumers are shaping SA's e-commerce boom

High mobile penetration, secure payment options and changing spending habits, and female consumers, are driving SA e-commerce...

3 Sep 2019

Do you know what your customers want their customers to experience?

It's a common question that we assume everyone knows or understands. But assuming versus engaging, in order to know, are vastly different...

By Jane Stevenson 3 Sep 2019

Surely retention and acquisition are both part of the customer journey

We all know the adage; it is five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer...

By Natalie McCrae 2 Sep 2019

Direct-to-consumer marketing enigma is not insurmountable

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are threatening retailer market share with their unconventional business models and provocative brand ethos...

By Anjali Lai 20 Aug 2019

Prevent poor customer service from killing your brand

SA businesses are faced with a difficult task. They have to find ways to survive in the face of ongoing political uncertainty, eroding investor confidence, and declining consumer spend...

By Wynand Smit 19 Aug 2019

Customer engagement in an omnichannel world

Omnichannel customer engagement revolves around so much more than just a technology-driven approach. A cross-channel strategy needs to be an integral human one if organisations are to remain competitive...

By Mo Areff 13 Aug 2019

Are we moving into an age of gender-fluid purchasing?

Is it outdated to believe women still shop differently to men? The clich├ęs are men purchase for speed and women are more motivated by price, men are big online shoppers but women still like something tangible...

By Eben Esterhuizen 7 Aug 2019

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