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Absa and Child Welfare South Africa to combat child trafficking in South Africa

Child Welfare South Africa (CWSA) has announced the launch of a national Child Trafficking and Exploitation Prevention Programme in partnership with Absa. The launch was held at the Victory Theatre in Houghton on Friday, 02 October 2009.
National Executive Director of CWSA, Ashley Theron, says the partnership with Absa has set an excellent example of how commerce and industry can play a significant role to ensure a safe and caring environment for children in South Africa.

“Our partnership with Absa to address child trafficking is of particular importance in view of alarming statistics on missing children and concerns related to challenges during next year's FIFA World Cup 2010,” says Theron. “We have jointly identified these challenges as critically important and will do everything possible to educate the South African public and our youth in particular to be pro-active and vigilant in this regard.”

Gavin Opperman, Absa Group Executive, says statistics released by the South African Police Bureau for Missing Persons shows that an average of 1500 children under the age of 18 go missing every single year. “No research is available on the extent to which trafficking plays a role in the missing children phenomenon,” says Opperman. “What we do know is that women are trafficked for sexual exploitation and that children are trafficked to be used as child soldiers, for bonded labour, often forced to work in brothels.”

According to Opperman, Absa will assist CWSA with the implementation of the Child Trafficking and Exploitation Prevention Programme and we will do so by educating South Africa's youth and its communities. “Absa Volunteers will assist in raising awareness around child trafficking and exploitation by launching a major marketing awareness campaign during the month of October. We have long recognised that social giving is not enough in its own right.”

“We continue to build strengths and capabilities through collaborative partnerships and we are exceptionally proud of the relationship which we have formed with Child Welfare South Africa,” says Opperman.

During the launch event, CWSA also unveiled its new look website and debit order campaign aimed at streamlining the organisation's awareness and fundraising initiatives.

The Victory Theatre also joined CWSA as a role player to raise much needed funds. Proceeds from ticket sales of the popular Umoja production at the theatre will profit CWSA untill December 2010.

Mortimer Harvey does pro bona advertising and public relations work for CWSA and has partnered the organisation in the development and marketing of a number of exciting fundraising projects to date.

About Child Welfare South Africa

CWSA is an umbrella body that represents more than 250 member organisations and outreach projects in communities throughout South Africa.

Together with its member organisations, forms the largest non-profit, non-governmental organisation in the country in the fields of child protection and child care and family development. The intention of CWSA is to benefit South Africa, through our various endeavours to create a child-friendly society. Over 2 million children and their family members and/or caregivers receive services from CWSA affiliates, branches and developing children's organisations countrywide.

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