Mortimer Harvey

Mortimer Harvey wins Kelloggs promotional account

The strength of a strategic approach came to the fore when Mortimer Harvey was recently awarded the Kelloggs national promotional account for Special K.
Past promotional experience with Kelloggs Cornflakes played its part, but it was primarily the proposed brand re-positioning and promotional concepts for the upcoming year that won Mortimer Harvey the Special K account.

"Mortimer Harvey won the pitch against two other agencies for their campaign based not only on a sound strategic approach in which they tackled the brief, but also in the development of a very exciting creative idea that supports the brand's image," informs Lauren Jones, brand manager of Kelloggs Special K. "Based on Mortimer Harvey's current credentials, we trust that this will be a very successful partnership, which will undoubtedly deliver on the objectives set out for this campaign," she concludes.

The new account came into effect at the start of October 2006.

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16 Nov 2006 17:38


Mortimer Harvey