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The global impact of Cat power systems and Barloworld Power

Barloworld Power is proud to be a part of the global impact made by Cat® power systems. Our power systems are designed to fit a wide range of applications - across mining, construction and mining industries, commercial enterprises, businesses and office buildings, and essential services such as health clinics and hospitals. These power systems bring new meaning to reliable power wherever you are.
The global impact of Cat power systems and Barloworld Power

Today, more than 1.3 billion people lack access to electricity and billions more need a reliable grid for basic human needs including access to clean water, health care, lighting, and education. For 90 years, remote industry sites, villages, rural communities, and islands have depended on the power of Caterpillar for reliable energy, grid backup, and sustainable, continuous power.

Barloworld Power works with you to design a system to meet your individual power needs. We tailor each component to develop a system with attachments and performance options to match your specific application and regional standards. Barloworld Power understands that you need the best, which is why we only offer equipment of the highest quality. It’s a fully customised, factory-tested power generation package with a full Caterpillar warranty.

What makes Barloworld Power systems so reliable? They are:

  • Powered by Cat® engines
  • Easy to specify, permit, install and test
  • Meet most worldwide emission standards
  • Supported by Barloworld Power

Everyone has a story

We love to hear how these power systems are making a difference across the globe and thought we would share some of these customer stories with you.

Madagascar: Bringing power to 100 rural villages

In Madagascar, only 26.9% of residents were connected to electricity in 2019. To solve this need, Madagascar launched an initiative to supply state-of-the-art microgrid solutions at an affordable rate for villagers. In the village of Belobaka, despite an intense rainy season and unreliable roads, the team completed a solar microgrid installation within an impressive five months. The microgrid provides 83 kW of power at peak operation and has a 315 kW battery with a 110 kVA generator set for backup. As a result 5,000 people and 800 homes now have access to power. These power systems have drastically improved the villagers' quality of life by improving education, entertainment, health, comfort, protection, and productivity.

Republic of Namibia: Hybrid energy solutions

B2Gold selects Cat® Photovoltaic solar modules. Barloworld Power supplied a full Cat® PV system for the Otjikoto Mine in the Republic of Namibia. Caterpillar supplied the original 25 MW of power capacity to the Otjikoto Mine when it opened in 2014 through four Cat® 12CM32 HFO medium-speed engines and three Cat® 3516B high-speed generator sets. The addition of Cat® photovoltaic modules provides a scalable, sustainable power solution that significantly reduces fuel consumption while delivering reliable power to support mining sites. Engineering, procurement, construction, 7 MW of solar power services, and integration with the existing generator sets to reduce reliance on the heavy fuel oil power plant.

Republic of Namibia: Uninterrupted coverage across East Africa

Nairobi-based Alan Dick East Africa serves Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, and Sudan, an area of more than four million square kilometres. The company has built thousands of mobile sites in the region. Because of the nature of the sector, zero downtime is essential. Cat® power systems were selected because of the reputation of Cat® equipment, and excellent product support. In the end, more than 600 diesel generator sets of various sizes from 8 kVA to 700 kVA were installed, all in sound attenuated enclosures.

Whether you need to power your healthcare facility, agricultural operations, manufacturing plant or mining operations, Barloworld Power has your back when it comes to power system solutions. Talk to one of our experts today about your power system needs.

7 Feb 2022 12:47