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Nettrade Programmatic receives Data Studio certification

Nettrade Programmatic, the independent specialists in the programmatic discipline, are proud to announce that they've successfully been awarded their certification for Google's Data Studio product.
Nettrade Programmatic receives Data Studio certification

“Having used Google Data studio for the better part of two years, I felt quite confident in my knowledge and understanding of the platform, before attempting the certification. The process was challenging, but allowed me to work with some of the in-depth features available to users. Data Studio is continually growing in capability, so to achieve this certification means a great deal to me,” says James Hitch, Ad Operations Executive in charge of visual data representation for the company.

Data Studio is a free tool created by Google that allows brands and agencies to transform data into informative, easy-to-read, easy-to-share and fully customisable dashboards and reports. It works seamlessly with Google Marketing Platform products and allows those using it to act quickly on the results that it generates.

“Using Data Studio, we’ve been able to build real-time, read-only, custom reporting solutions that focus on the KPIs that our clients pay us to deliver, as opposed to delivering snapshot reports built in Excel, that are out of data by the time the client reads them. This not only allows us to have better conversations with our clients during campaigns, but also allows my team to spend the majority of their time working on the campaigns, as opposed to reporting on them,” adds Danny Greeff, managing director.

To find out more about how Nettrade Programmatic is working towards providing clients with best-in-class service and results relative to programmatic buying, training and consulting, please contact them here.

21 Oct 2020 08:41