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Dynamic DNA partners with Huawei Cloud on launching digital learning platform

Schools may be opening but parents are wary of sending their kids back into the classroom.
Dynamic DNA partners with Huawei Cloud on launching digital learning platform

Since the Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown, there are demands for accessing affordable and readily available online learning platforms in South Africa.

Huawei Cloud and Dynamic DNA have collaborated to launch an integrated digital learning platform in response to the education challenges in South Africa, especially in rural areas. These two organisations are delivering solutions that addresses short-term and long-term needs for the entire education sector, from primary school to tertiary level.

Huawei Cloud and Dynamic DNA say that their platform does not only aim to enable remote learning connectivity at affordable costs, but also give learners access to educational tools, apps and resources. The platform is efficient on data consumption, 2MB is all that is required to connect and study materials are accessible offline. This platform aims to eradicate or reduce the education inequality in the private and public learning institutions. This will ensure that rural, public and private schools can have equal access to the learning opportunities and learning content delivery.

Through the platform, educators can continue delivering classes virtually to their learners through live sessions, learners can participate via chat, voice and video, allowing them to continue learning regardless of location or device, they are using - be it an Android, iOS or Windows smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Dynamic DNA will provide technical support and training to educators, administrators and learners on how to navigate the LMS platform.

While it is hard to tell exactly what the future of schooling will look like, the coronavirus has shown that digital platforms, which can act as online classrooms, need to be readily and affordably available to avoid unexpected schooling disruptions.

Dynamic DNA is committed to supporting the digitalisation of education in SA and believe that through investing in education, they are investing in the long-term economic growth and prosperity of the country.

About Dynamic DNA

Dynamic DNA is an ICT training Academy accredited with the MICT Seta, providing scarce skills IT training through online and on-site blended learning (theory and practical) to develop locally based skilled technology professionals. Dynamic DNA offers organisations a skills gap analysis, B-BBEE consulting and scorecard services, to provide a holistic training solution. Dynamic DNA is B-BBEE Level 2 accredited and 51% Black female owned. Dynamic DNA is a member of the Dynamic Technologies Group Company. Please visit us at or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for more info.

About Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud now distills 30+ years of accumulated technology, innovation, and expertise in the ICT infrastructure field to offer customers everything as a service. You can grow your enterprise in the best environment with stable, secure, and ever-improving Huawei Cloud services and affordable, inclusive AI. Huawei Cloud provides a powerful computing platform and easy-to-use development platform to support Huawei's full-stack, all-scenario AI strategy. By the end of 2019, Huawei Cloud had launched 200+ cloud services and 190+ solutions. News agencies, social media platforms, law enforcement, automobile manufacturers, gene sequencing organizations, financial institutions, and a long list of other industry customers are all benefiting in significant ways from Huawei Cloud. A total of 3,500 applications were added to the Huawei Cloud marketplace with offerings from more than 10,000 business partners. For more information, please visit Huawei Cloud online at or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

21 Aug 2020 10:39