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How media can beat the Covid-19...

Based on our president's address on Sunday, 15 March 2020, surrounding Covid-19 and our preparedness as a country, the government restrictions around travel and various industry imposed restrictions around physical contact, gatherings and social distancing.
In a fast responding and changing media landscape, we as Futuretech have created a solution around how we can best assist agencies and brands during this tough time.

Consumers will look to work from home leading to a boom in mobile usage and online shopping will come to centre stage. This is why Futuretech’s agile solutions will empower brands or agency's to make smarter decisions.

We looked at the three obvious challenges, production with restrictions, ease of purchase and the ability to reach your audience where you have their attention:
How media can beat the Covid-19...
  1. Digital content creation - As most studios shut down and the restriction on travel stands, through Storyful we can help produce highly engaging UGC edits, fully verified, licensed and ready to distribute across TV, digital and all social formats. Pain free, quick turn around and importantly no stress.

  2. True commerce – Our first-to-market e-commerce platform connects content to commerce and makes marketing shoppable. Through our e-commerce retailer API integration on the Amazon and other well-known platforms, we give brands a frictionless path to purchase using the “Buy Now” and “Add to basket” features. Thus, enabling consumers to add a product to their cart or purchase directly from the ad. This solution works across display, video, social and search channels and drives higher conversion.

  3. The mobile audience - Across our online publisher network, we’ve recorded the highest week on week shift from desktop to mobile audience at over 35% with most publishers showing 90% + mobile traffic. LoopMe, our mobile first platform is best positioned to drive business outcomes beyond clicks and views using Purchase Loop.
Futuretech is always part of the solution. Get in contact with us!

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Futuretech trust’s you and your loved ones will be safe during this trying time.

18 Mar 2020 11:02