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Spaceback's social display products seeing great support in South Africa

The social display pioneers are seeing growth across all areas for the product, and look forward to doing more with agencies during 2020.
Spaceback's social display products seeing great support in South Africa
The social display space has been growing steadily since Spaceback first started servicing local agencies at the end of 2017. But in the past six months, we have seen a tremendous uptick in adoption as agencies begin to tap Spaceback for their always-on and campaign-based activity, and word has spread about Spaceback’s capabilities, pricing and results.

“Spaceback ads are not limited to any specific source of inventory – which is driving high levels of market adoption. Being able to use these ads across the majority of local publisher sites, as well as across all major international ad exchanges, means that the product is not limited to just being booked on RON line items. This advantage, coupled with the advanced customisation features available in the system, allow RebelRebel to build an ad for any campaign objective briefed in,” said Mike Carter, commercial partner at RebelRebel.

“There’s been a ton of innovation put into the product by our partners in the last year, and the performance we’re seeing across the board with these campaigns has meant that we’re getting more and more calls for Spaceback. It’s great,” Carter added.

Following a huge awareness drive for the product shortly after the launch of RebelRebel, the business is happy to note that the support from the local market has been nothing but positive, with many agencies rebooking before their campaigns come to an end.

“It is no secret that most of us live in a hyper-connected world. Websites and pages have given way to newsfeeds, as media has become indistinguishable from real life. This fragmented landscape has yielded creatively bankrupt campaigns whose sum detracts from all parts. We’ve found solace in technologies like Spaceback, which provide advertisers with the ability to use social posts as creative for display and video paid media campaigns, giving audiences the opportunity to experience the synergy of integrated brand communications. Now that these technologies offer self-service integration, it has given the media practitioner greater control, greater flexibility and greater insight for superb campaign synergy,” says Wayne Bishop, managing director at PHD.

“Spaceback is a fantastic product. It’s allowed us to extend our social assets into other display environments delivering great results. It has increased efficiency by reducing production costs, creative lead time and as the ability to launch multiple channels simultaneously and at scale. It’s an innovative product that helps execute campaigns quickly and efficiently and one that I would highly recommend,” says Kaley Ravinsky, digital strategist at Meta Media.

“It’s been a real treat working with this product, agency teams see the value immediately, and are incredibly happy with the results they’re seeing with campaigns booked in with us,” says Shauna Carter, sales and operations partner at RebelRebel.

Stemming from a dissatisfaction with the quality of digital creative being created, as well as constant tardiness from the agencies creating the work, many agencies are turning to Spaceback to help them out of tight spots. Using existing social media posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, Spaceback ad units can be created in under two minutes and set live immediately, thereby making sure that campaigns go live on time.

31 Mar 2020 08:05