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Do not be conned into buying a stolen vehicle this festive season!

Purchasing new vehicles online has become popular not only because it is convenient but also because the process has been made simpler for individuals.
Do not be conned into buying a stolen vehicle this festive season!

It has become more popular for consumers to purchase vehicles online however many are becoming the victims of scams.

More and more incidences have been reported where drivers are stopped at roadblocks only to find that the vehicle they are driving has in fact been reported as stolen and cloned unbeknown to them. The vehicle ends up being impounded by the police even if the vehicle owner can produce documents showing proof of ownership. The vehicle owner ends up losing both the vehicle and if they cannot track down the seller, the money they paid for the vehicle. Many of these cases are as a result of online purchases where money was paid over to the seller without a physical check of the vehicle being conducted. With the festive season approaching scams tend to increase. A vehicle is the second biggest purchase for most individuals and losing it due to being scammed leads to huge financial loss.

VehicleFacts is a platform that can assist individuals and dealerships when trading in used cars. Advice is given in how to conduct a physical check of a vehicle before purchasing it to ensure that it has not been stolen or cloned thus giving individuals and dealerships peace of mind.

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6 Nov 2019 13:26