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Digital Kungfu delivers a 24:1 return on investment for MC3 Cloud in English and French-speaking African regions

Speed to market and engagement with C-Suite decision makers are the key to successful digital campaigns.
Digital Kungfu delivers a 24:1 return on investment for MC3 Cloud in English and French-speaking African regions

When you have an urgent campaign that needs to be deployed quickly, efficiently and effectively, there’s only one partner to turn to: Digital Kungfu.

“We only had a short time frame in which to execute a Microsoft Modern Workplace 365 campaign across a number of African regions, and we needed to do so in two different languages,” says Shalini Boodhooa, events and marketing officer at MC3, a leading ICT distributor based in Mauritius.

“The Digital Kungfu team was incredible, ensuring that we went live on time and consistently providing feedback around how the campaign was doing and where it was being optimised. Our account manager felt like one of our team we worked so closely together.”

Overcoming challenges to achieve speed to market

MC3 Cloud approached Digital Kungfu to assist in driving demand generation for Microsoft Modern Workplace. 

There were a number of challenges that needed to be overcome in order to successfully achieve this goal. First, all digital campaign assets were required in English and French, as many of the regions MC3 Cloud operates within are predominantly French-speaking, including Senegal and Cameroon.

An added challenge was Microsoft’s boycott of Facebook across the African region. The cost-per-lead on Linkedin is significantly higher than the cost-per-leads typically achieved through Facebook’s platform, and so a solution was required that delivered high-quality leads within budget, achieving a return on investment for the campaign as a whole.

Finally, Microsoft’s budgeting and reporting period was coming to a close, necessitating extremely fast campaign turn-around times.

Combining an in-bound and out-bound campaign strategy

The first ingredient to any successful digital campaign is understanding which challenges the target market is facing and the messaging that will therefore resonate with them. Given the move to remote workforces in 2020 and an increasing need for digital transformation, campaign assets were written and designed to speak specifically to collaborative and ‘modern’ workplaces. 

It was immediately clear that these issues are important to the African market, and both English and French-speaking target audiences wanted more information on the subject, downloading the campaign’s white paper and sharing their contact details with Digital Kungfu’s lead vetting team.

To circumvent Facebook while still keeping cost-per-lead within budget, Digital Kungfu’s production and campaign optimisation teams worked together to create Google Display Ads, which proved highly successful in the African market. 

Assets were tracked, measured and optimised throughout the campaign, ensuring the budget was redirected to the highest-performing ads, generating more high-quality leads and improving ROI as the campaign progressed.   

A two-pronged campaign approach combined in-bound leads via digital assets with an outbound calling strategy in both French and English.

Achieving a 24 to 1 return on investment

The campaign’s target was 140 market qualified leads and 35 sales qualified leads. The quality of campaign assets attracted 189 market qualified leads, and 56 of these were converted to sales qualified leads, which meant interested B2B buyers in the market for a solution. 

This high conversion ratio reveals that the right messaging, outbound calling and optimising the campaign narrowed the sales funnel to attract the right target audience.

The projected pipeline for this campaign reveals an exceptional 24: 1 return of investment.

“Both the inbound leads and outbound calling secured leads with C-Suite decision makers, ensuring that we received quality, sales-ready engagements for our sales team. Everything Digital Kungfu does stands out, and we will most certainly be working with them on future campaigns,” concludes Boodhooa.

Digital Kungfu is a storytelling production company that helps technology businesses market their software products/services, generate new business, and build their brands. Digital Kungfu combines branded content and agile marketing to take new or existing products and services to market quickly and, in the process, maximize market share and generate leads to address the pace of the technology sector.

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18 Jan 2021 06:52