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How to get overseas Black Friday deals with Standard Bank and Aramex Global Shopper

Overseas Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are happening right now. But how do you take advantage of those deals overseas when the online retailer doesn't offer shipping to South Africa? Or maybe the online retailer does ship to S.A. but only offers slow postal options and you just can't wait that long.
How to get overseas Black Friday deals with Standard Bank and Aramex Global Shopper

The answer is Aramex Global Shopper.

Simply sign up to their service and you will be provided with delivery addresses, located in over 25 countries worldwide which you can then use to ship your Black Friday purchases to. So, for example, if you are shopping on an online store in the USA, then use the Aramex delivery address located in New York to ship your order to. The service currently offers 29 delivery addresses worldwide including USA, UK, China, Europe and Asia and right through to Japan in the East.

How it works

When checking out on your favorite overseas online store, you enter the Aramex global shopper delivery address for that country and chose whatever local shipping option that Online store offers you to get it delivered there. When your order arrives at the Aramex delivery address, they process the shipment, notify you that it has arrived then courier your orders to South Africa. Aramex take care of the customs clearance for you. You simply pay Aramex online for the shipping and any customs charges due. Aramex has a convenient mobile app which shows you the tracking progress of your shipment and allows you to pay any fees via the app. There is also a shipping charges calculator to help you in determining the shipping charges to S.A.

Once your shipment has cleared customs, Aramex then deliver to your door anywhere in South Africa.

Standard Bank offer

Standard Bank has partnered with Aramex to offer a saving of R100 for their credit, debit and virtual card customers and paying only R50, for a lifetime membership to the Aramex Global Shopper Basic Service. To take advantage of this offer, all you have to do is apply a promocode at checkout when signing up to the service consisting of the first six digits of your card followed by the word ‘Join”, for example: 123456JOIN.

In addition to this, you can also receive R100 off the shipping charge of your first shipment with Aramex Global Shopper when you load your Standard Bank credit, debit or virtual card to your profile and enable the autopay function.

Click here to take advantage of the Standard Bank offer and Sign up to Aramex Global Shopper.

25 Nov 2019 10:45