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bountiXP MD Dane Amyot talks about the platform that aligns strategy and culture

The best-performing companies are often the best aligned. But all too often, culture does not align with an organisation's goals and objectives.
The risks of misalignment are multiple, and costly.

In a recent interview with culture-change agency Humanist, bountiXP MD Dane Amyot speaks about this challenge, and the solution.

bountiXP is a platform that provides a dynamic, 360-degree, employee-centric experience of recognition and engagement.

At its core, bountiXP enables dual-purpose recognition: values-based and performance-based, aligning people with strategy and culture to drive business results.

In the interview, Amyot shares insight about the role employee recognition and engagement play in leveraging strategic alignment.

He refers to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s turnaround of the software giant, citing his emphasis on making culture “a first-class, explicit conversation”.

Amyot’s point is clear: when strategy and culture align, organisations gain a competitive advantage. He’s made it his job to build a platform that makes it happen.

For more information, visit bountiXP.

23 Jul 2019 13:32