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bountiXP makes it easy to recognise and reward South African employees

A locally built employee recognition platform is simplifying the way South African businesses thank and engage their employees.
When last have you thanked your employees? Busy managers often forget to thank their employees for a job well done. As a result, South Africans have accepted that ‘no feedback is good feedback’.

A lack of appreciation negates a positive company culture. Studies cite "the number one reason for people leaving their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated".

Identifying this gap in the market, bountiXP was developed to meet the human need to feel valued while enabling companies to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through its people.

Says bountiXP CEO, Dane Amyot, “Recognition is critical to business success as engaged workforces are productive workforces. It’s a new world of work and employees want to feel valued.”

With bountiXP employees can recognise their peers for doing great work on a social timeline while managers can gain real-time employee insights using data-driven dashboards. The platform can be extended to include rewards, surveys, strategic communication and e-learning.

Costs start from R36 per user per month and companies with 50 users or less can experience the platform for free.

Visit our website and claim your free 30-day trial.
Watch our product video for more.

17 Sep 2018 15:38