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A future that is equal

2020 will go down as one of the most demanding years of our time. It has demanded us to really look into ourselves as individuals, as companies, countries and the entire globe, to find real meaning and stand for something.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 we have stood together and found our inner strength.

But, sadly, the past few weeks presented yet another pandemic that demands the whole world to stand together again. Inequality, racism, hatred and bigotry. It hits home for us as South Africa because we’ve dealt with these types of pandemics before, and still do today. This isn’t a political issue, it’s an issue of basic humanity.

“We come from a history where nothing was ever equal. In fact, the whole design of it was that it should never be equal,” says Kagiso Tshepe, creative director and creative lead for the initiative.

But we are here today, and we need to make sure that from this moment forward we create a history where everyone is afforded the same opportunities and given the assuring confidence that they can wake up in a future where they are exactly what they dreamt to be.

That starts now.

“The Equal Futures platform is our action and commitment to creating an agency and society where every person, regardless of background, gender, race - is afforded and even upskilled to arrive at a future that is equal,” says Masego Motsogi, MD of Grid Worldwide.

We, as The Make It Mean Something Company, stand in solidarity with the black community and refuse to remain silent in the fight against all inequalities.

19 Jun 2020 09:55