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Body positive fashion with a purpose - Donna elevates inclusive fashion

Leading plus size women's clothing brand Donna has always been totally aligned with the international call for enhanced body positivity and inclusivity.

Inclusive experiences

Now not only can customers find Donna in their standalone stores but due to customer demand, the brand is also being presented within Foschini stores as well. This is more convenient for customers as it offers them a ‘one-stop-shop’ experience. Donna capsule stores will be positioned inside selected Foschini stores, revolutionising all women’s shopping experience. “We are creating spaces where all women can shop together in an inclusive way”, commented head of business Bev Pallet.

In addition, Donna is available online and can be purchased in the same shopping basket as any other brand in the TFG stable, paid for on any TFG account card and collected/returned to any TFG retail brand store. This offers the Donna customer endless flexibility.

Body positive fashion with a purpose - Donna elevates inclusive fashion
Body positive fashion with a purpose - Donna elevates inclusive fashion

Local is inclusive

Donna is one of the few South African retail brands to have a whole section on its online store dedicated to showcasing all its locally produced clothing.

The brand even presented their latest offering, a locally designed range, Joy&Ash, to the Donna customer as an online test.

Joy&Ash is a range purposefully designed to reflect body positivity by embodying a youthful, bold and brave look. Size curves were strategically updated to include sizes 16 through to 32, plus size brands normally start at size 20.

The demand for the range grew instantaneously, driving the retailer to increase the volumes and footprint substantially and to take the range from online exclusive into 60 Donna stores. The collection contributes an impressive 30% of online sales to the brand, compared to an average of 17% across the business.

“What started as an online test of a new range quickly grew into a movement embracing one's curves proudly, boldly and positively,” said Pallet.

“The Donna brand has proudly stood at the forefront of gender-defining movements such as body positivity, giving women a platform to express themselves boldly and with confidence. The movement of inclusivity is a particularly powerful one, especially in the times we find ourselves in. It is the opposite of isolation and distance but rather of sisterhood, togetherness and (virtual) gatherings where everyone is welcome.”

Before the launch of Joy&Ash, Donna had already made the conscious decision to move the needle in the volume of locally manufactured merchandise. Today, the brand boasts a substantial 65% of its range to be locally sourced and manufactured.

Body positive fashion with a purpose - Donna elevates inclusive fashion
Body positive fashion with a purpose - Donna elevates inclusive fashion

Other Proudly South African collections from the brand include an athleisure brand Body Logic. Locally designed, this collection was launched during the Covid-19 pandemic, catering to the Donna woman’s needs due to working from home. Made using high-performance fabric, the range gives the Donna woman the right balance of fit and style in the comfort of her own home.

Finding a great pair of denim jeans that fit is a challenge for most women. Donna launched a selection of locally designed jeans in 2016, specifically made to compliment her curves in all the right places and engineered to support shape. Look out for the ‘curve expert’ icon to find the perfect pair.

For all the exciting news, launches and fashion trends, follow @donnagirlsa on Instagram for updates.

About Donna:

Leaders in plus-size women’s fashion, Donna clothing boasts 97 brick-and-mortar stores, 52 of which can be found within Foschini stores nationwide. Donna first entered the market under the name Donna Claire but rebranded in 2015 to cater to a younger demographic.

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9 Mar 2021 10:45