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TFG pledges to enable positive change

Fashion lifestyle retailer TFG has pledged millions towards its corporate social investment initiatives. More than just a corporate mandate, all employees across stores, regional support teams and head office are encouraged to get involved in the fight to alleviating poverty across Africa.

Goals pave the way

In support of the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals, TFG focusses on: access to quality education, zero hunger and access to clean water and sanitation through meaningful partnerships to reach the ultimate goal of ‘no poverty’.

“We see education as the main vehicle to empower others and these goals support that vision. Without access to clean water and food, learning is not possible. Without quality education, you won’t alleviate poverty so it all works together. Our partners don’t only mean the great organisations we work with, we’ve gathered our best asset, our employees and we’re ready to create even more opportunities for positive change in local communities. Because, doing good never goes out of fashion," says Mymoena Mooradd, CSI Manager at TFG.

To kick off the pledge, TFG employees in South Africa have each received a pledge card with an example of how they can ‘pay it forward’ this Madiba Month. Mymoena says it’s only one of many ways The Group is honouring #100mandela.

“Whether you’re a store manager collecting tinned food for a charity or buying a cup of coffee for a security guard, every action counts and we’re working together to honour Madiba’s very special legacy.”

Since inception, The Group has been committed to supporting the communities it operates within and over the past three years TFG has:

  • Donated 509,211 meals to early childhood development centres (ECDs);
  • Provided 377,000 litres of water to drought stricken communities;
  • Manufactured and donated 100,000 blankets to disaster hit areas and people in dire need;
  • Created access to 10,305 education opportunities;
  • Donated 225,091 items to the Fashion for Change Project and
  • Sponsored five boreholes allowing over two million people to have access to water daily.

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17 Jul 2018 13:07