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Olymp Trade: An easy way to become a trader

It's perfect to start any business having a reliable partner. Thanks to confidence and a shared vision you can achieve amazing results in no time together.
Olymp Trade may become a reliable partner for both beginners and experienced traders. There is a wide variety of assets and tools, and the quality certificates and the level of services provided will contribute to both your trading process and its results.

The company has been serving traders from all over the world for more than 4 years. Olymp Trade has been a member of the Financial Commission since 2016. And in 2018 the quality of trade execution on the platform was certified by Verify My Trade

In this article, we will focus on the specificities of trading on Olymp Trade and the opportunities the platform provides its users with.

An easy start

Register on the official website only. When creating a new account, a user specifies the email, name, mobile phone number and the password. The registration process is easy, so anyone can do it quickly.

Olymp Trade: An easy way to become a trader
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Many people get puzzled when they first see the chart and strange signs, but this instruction will help you understand how to make your first trade and which ways of making a forecast one can use at once, with no special preparation. Trading can be easy!

After registration, you will see a chart that shows the dynamics of changes in the value of an asset over a certain period of time. There is the current market price on the scale to the right. For example, the screenshot shows the EUR/USD currency pair, which price is 1.12794. This means that 1 euro is worth 1.12794 US dollars.

Olymp Trade: An easy way to become a trader
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There is a trade execution menu to the right. In the menu, traders specify the terms of the investment. And there is the asset panel above the chart, where one can choose the asset. You can also choose the asset, as well as change the type of a chart or add an indicator in the upper left corner.

A trader’s work

A trader’s job is to predict price changes correctly. Basically a trader should be able to predict the future price movement. Meanwhile, professional investors do not make trades at random, but follow the instructions that are commonly called trading strategies.

But one would not make money by studying the chart. Profitable trades make you earn. You can trade options and forex on Olymp Trade. Each tool has its perks.

You will get a fixed amount of profit when trading options if your forecast for the price changes has been correct. For example, if you are sure that the EUR/USD will increase by at least one point in five minutes, you should go long and select five minutes as the time of the trade. The results will be calculated beyond this time period.

If the asset price really rises, you will receive the profit specified before making a trade. As a rule, it ranges from 70% to 100%. That is, by investing $100 in such a trade, you can double this amount.

When trading in the forex market, you buy one currency and sell another one simultaneously. For example, you expect the US dollar to grow and think there are going to be economic problems in the European Union. In this case, you should open a short position on the EUR/USD currency pair.

This trade will be profitable if the euro declines against the US dollar. The lower it falls, the greater your profit.

There is another situation with the purchase. When you open a long position (buy) when trading the GBP/USD pair, it means you are sure that the pound is going to rise against the dollar. Thus, you make profit if the asset moves upwards on the chart.

Both forex and options trading are known for their high yield. We have told you how you can double your investment when trading options. But how does one get more when trading forex?

The tool that allows you to boost your profit is a multiplier — a financial service offered by Olymp Trade. It will increase the amount of your investment up to 200 times.

For example, you have $100 in your account and you want to make money on the growth of the European currency against the US dollar (that is, to long the EUR/USD currency pair). A multiplier with a rate of “200” will allow you to increase your trade amount to $20.000 (100*200), despite the fact that there is only $100 in your account. Thus, if your forecast is correct, you will earn 200 times more than if you trade without a multiplier.

Here is a brief comparative table of trading options and forex.

Olymp Trade: An easy way to become a trader

A trader’s training

Thanks to the Internet, anyone can become a trader. The only question is which way of training you will choose. Olymp Trade offers to learn with no risk of losing your own funds.

The demo account helped thousands of traders understand all the peculiarities of trading, develop strategies, and study the specificities of different types of analysis. In this mode, you trade in the real market with virtual money.

And even if you are not so good at forecasting at first, and your demo account balance drops below 5000, just click the “Deposit” button above the chart and reset your initial balance of 10.000 units for free.

Olymp Trade: An easy way to become a trader
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We also recommend that you pay attention to our educational portal. There you can find useful information on trading at any level, watch a webinar on various topics or choose the right strategy. The courses are made in the format of a convenient chat with explanatory graphics.

Olymp Trade: An easy way to become a trader
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Mobile trading

Olymp Trade offers its users not only a full-fledged web platform, but also excellent mobile apps for Android and iOs devices. Download the version you need from Google Play and the App Store for free.

As well as the full version of the platform, the app enables traders to choose various types of charts, use all trading indicators and change the timeframe.

Olymp Trade: An easy way to become a trader
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How to forecast future directions of price movements?

There are a lot of methods of analyzing the asset price, but technical analysis is the most valued one. First, it is rather easy to learn. Secondly, it can be used to study different timeframes.

Most often, traders start with technical indicators—automated assistants built into the Olymp Trade trading platform.

The RSI is one of the most popular indicators. It shows the moments when a currency pair or other asset has unreasonably grown (overbought) or decreased (oversold). If the indicator line has risen above the 70 level (as in the screenshot), we get a sell signal.

Olymp Trade: An easy way to become a trader
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To make a trade in the option mode, you should set the time of the trade, the investment amount, and click the Down arrow. In the example, you can see that the profit margin for a successful forecast is 82%.

After three minutes, we received $82 profit, as soon as our forecast had been correct.

Olymp Trade: An easy way to become a trader
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This is a clear and simple example of how you can earn in the financial markets without leaving home. Hundreds of thousands of traders from all over the world are already making investments on Olymp Trade, and the platform’s popularity is growing year by year. Download the Olymp Trade mobile app for iOS or Android and join them!

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It's an easy way to become a trader because starting with Olymp Trade is easy enough for beginners. There are good indicators in the platform that is not overwhelming and just enough to guide you in your analysis. Trading with Olymp Trade has helped me a lot because now, I can say that I am a better trader all thanks to my practice in the demo account and the educational materials that are available on their website.
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