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Proven ways to generate leads for your consulting business

New and fresh leads are the lifeblood for a consulting business because without getting more leads you will soon run out of services no matter what type of consulting services offering you are. In order to succeed, you as a consultant need to make sure there is always an inflow of fresh leads driving into your business regularly. In this age of huge competition, cold calling and blasting messages are not sufficient methods for a consulting business to get more leads.
However, here we have some specific marketing tactics and methods that you can assume for generating leads and growing the visibility of a consulting business.

Ranking business website higher in search engines

"Having your website in the top SERPs when your keywords are searched for" is one of the best lead generating tips for consulting businesses. If you are offering consulting services for local clients, you should use long tail keywords like “consulting services in ‘your hometown name’” to boost your SEO efforts and also submit your website in Google business to appear in more search results.

Create a blog

A business website for consulting services should have a blog where you should post informative, problem solving and useful content on a regular basis to help your potential and existing clients in different aspects of their business settings. For instance, you can write and publish blog posts like ‘Ultimate guide for starting consulting business’ or ‘how consulting services can double up your sales’, etc. When people see that you are offering valuable suggestions and ideas free of cost, you will definitely get some calls for quotes. A consistently updated blog for consulting business website will also help you get more from your content marketing efforts.

Social media

Social media is considered as a powerful tool these days to build a successful online presence for any business and you can also do so to generate more leads for your consulting business. A few years back, social media may have been for communication and entertainment, but its popularity as a great advertising platform is growing day by day at an incredible rate.

Social media has various choices for marketers from Facebook, forums to other online communities. A consulting business can build a strong and successful online image by participating in such communities and platforms that are peopled with the target client base. However, be sure to show your fun side when communicating potential or existing via social media. Because people love to talk with humans and a brand or agency that has a personality, can last longer in the minds of people and can also generate more leads conveniently.

Meetups and local events

Make yourself visible in front of the local businesses or companies in your area to let them know what you offer and how advantageous your services can be. Never miss a chance to attend a meeting at the local chamber of commerce in order to enhance the visibility of your consulting business among local business owners.


Networking doesn’t only mean attending the seminars and business meetings where peoples are ready to welcome you, but real networking is all about building strong relationships before you need them. For this purpose, you will need to focus on the quality of relations you build rather than quantity. At the start, you should tap into the current networks you are connected to and find out the opportunities out there to get more leads for consulting services you offer.


These days, webinars are considered as one of the best practices to generate more leads for consulting businesses by strengthening the relations you have built through the networking. For instance, if you have a robust prospective client base on a social media platform like Facebook or LinkedIn, you can participate there by sharing valuable ideas, answering the questions asked by different members or by offering your consulting services to help them resolve their issues.

If you are an SEO consultant, you can organize a webinar to let beginners know about the basics of search engine optimization or to help them polish their SEO skills so they will be able to rank their websites higher in search engines. After getting a considerable number of engaged and active audience, you can strengthen your relationships with them by offering some free stuff like an e-book or recording of all your previous webinars in exchange of email address or phone number. In this way, you will be making a huge database that later can be used to generate more leads by sending them with useful and informative content or special offers to grab the attention of potential clients.

19 Feb 2019 15:09


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