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Mobile apps are not just for big brands - Here's why you too should have one

Do you believe that mobile apps only suit big-shot brands like Bank of America or Walmart? If answered yes, you're wrong and this is nothing but a misconception that you bear in mind. If you take a look at the bigger picture, you will find an increasingly large number of small and medium-sized businesses follow the mobile trend as they have started believing in the fact that this is the most effective mobile strategy which can help the visibility of a mobile-friendly website.
In fact, nowadays you will also find few small businesses with which you interact everyday like your coffee shop or your body spa salon having their own mobile apps in order to attract more customers. All sorts of businesses are engaging in mobile app development in order to stand out in the crowd. So, here are few reasons why you too should tread on the path of building your business mobile app.

#1: You can boost your visibility among customers

As per recent data, an average Americans spends more than two-and-half hours a day on his smartphone. Although there are just few apps which make up for the total usage but the fact that the user has to unlock his phone and scan through all his apps, yet even when he sees your business app, he will remember about it. The human mind subconsciously records every text and image even when you thought it went unnoticed.

#2: Market directly through a channel

Mobile apps usually serve various types of functions like giving general information, booking forms, prices, user accounts, search features, news feeds, messengers and much more. One of the most sought-after benefits of owning a mobile app is that you will be able to give all sorts of information to your customers, whether it is about a sudden sale or the relaunch of an old product or promotions. Push notifications usually take you closer to the customers.

#3: Offers customer value

As long as on-hand information is concerned, how about making the loyalty program digitized rather than carrying on with the old and traditional method of collection cards? You can also help your customers in collecting rewards through the mobile app. In return, you’ll get more return customers and more downloads.

#4: Customer engagement is improved

Irrespective of whether you’re selling spa services or flowers, your customers will always look for a way to reach out to you. If you can incorporate a help desk (messaging feature) within the business app, this will mark the ultimate difference in how you communicate and stay in touch with your customers. Make sure you also consider whether or not your customers want to stay in touch with you through phone or through text.

#5: You can stand out in the crowd

With the millions of business mobile apps that are available in the iOS or Android Market store, if you don’t have one, you’ll be lagging behind. Hence, if you wish to stand out in the crowd, having a mobile app is perhaps the best step to take.

Therefore, if you’re concerned about how you can stay closer with your customers and clients, make sure you build an effective mobile app and reap the above mentioned benefits.

3 Jul 2018 16:24


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