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Grad school tutoring gets a unique makeover thanks to one startup company

There's no secret that finding a job in South Africa within the private sector is extremely competitive, and making your mark in the field takes even longer. This is exactly why students look for all the help they can get when it comes to grad school. Driving great distances to meet with various tutors is something that many students can attest to, and will do in order to get a better understanding of their studies and get that coveted high mark.

This is where one company has managed to identify a problem and provide an effective solution, thereby paving the way and really transforming the tutoring experience. Grad Coach is a first-of-its kind offering students that much needed one-on-one support and tutoring in leadership, management, and business fields (for example, MBAs, MBLs), without the student having to leave their home.

Tutors that specialise in more than one field

One of the biggest frustrations for students who wish to use a tutor often face is the fact it involves having to find multiple tutors for the various subjects. With traffic being heavy pretty much around the clock, much of the student’s time is spent in transit heading to and from these various tutors.

It took the pioneering vision of Grad Coach to realise there could be a better and more time-effective solution to this problem. Rather than students having to spend the time to first seek out experts in their various subjects, Grad Coach is able to offer a one-stop shop when it comes to tutoring services for postgraduate students in the fields of leadership, management, and business.

With the country investing more and more money into education, there is a clear emphasis on providing better access. By the year 2013, the country had invested 19.7% of its total budget in education, which by international standards is considered quite high. With that said, students are also in desperate need of the tools that will advance their studies and help them to succeed, and tutoring is a great example of necessary study tools.

Students can get what they need without leaving home

To make the tutoring services even more convenient, Grad Coach has taken things one step further. Students are offered one-on-one services that can take place online through such services as Google Hangouts or Skype. All they need to do is visit the Grad Coach website, book an appointment that works for their own schedule, and then enjoy a session from wherever they are.

There is no need to commute anywhere, instead all their time and focus is spent on the actual session. Tutoring sessions can also be digitally recorded, allowing students to go back to that session as a form of study notes.

Knowing when to ask for help

It's said that, as a grad student, the most important lesson they can learn is to know when to ask for help. Asking for help can make things clearer, easier, faster, and more comprehensive, thereby enhancing the entire university experience. With Grad Coach asking for help has never been easier or more convenient.

1 Mar 2018 15:07