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The importance of avoiding plagiarism in your marketing campaign

When it comes to your business marketing, there are a great number of different things that you can do. Whether you choose more traditional marketing methods such as television, poster boards, or newspaper adverts, or you choose the more direct digital marketing route with SEO and pay per click, marketing is likely to be one of the first things on your list when you're running your business. However, being innovative and unique with your marketing campaigns can be extremely difficult, as it may feel like with every idea you come up with, someone else has managed to do it before you. Nevertheless, it is extremely important to ensure that you are not plagiarising your marketing campaign from another brand. Here, we're taking a look at why.
You could be sued

One of the biggest and most important reasons to ensure that your marketing campaign is not plagiarised from another brand is due to the fact that you could be held liable for a breach of copyright and your business could be sued. While there appears to be a sue and be sued culture developing amongst bigger brands who simply have money to burn, for smaller businesses this could be detrimental. Save your business money by coming up with unique ideas that match your business’ personality, as opposed to stealing ideas from somewhere else simply because it worked for their brand. There are a number of different ways that you can avoid plagiarising your marketing campaign. The first is implementing a plagiarism checker in your CMS to ensure that any digital marketing content that you have created is not duplicated from elsewhere. Alternatively, you can run a series of checks manually to ensure that all of the content and other marketing strategies that you carry out are completely original.

Impact on your brand reputation

When it comes to plagiarism, if your consumers find out that you have been sued, or catch you out for having a very similar logo or slogan as a much bigger brand, you could very easily damage your brand reputation. In a world of social media, nothing can be hidden or buried, and your brand could be outed by one of your many loyal followers very easily. Having unique and innovative ideas for your marketing can also help to build up a level of trust between you and your consumers. Plagiarism can just as quickly break this trust.

Understanding what copyright actually is

Something to remember when it comes to ensuring that your marketing campaign is not plagiarised is that copyright is only applied to how an idea is presented, and not the idea itself. For example, you can use the same idea as another company and present it in a different way, if this is really necessary. However, it is important to be extremely careful with this mindset, as you don’t want to be caught with a detrimental law suit which could be very costly for your business.

7 Dec 2017 21:09


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