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The hunt for cheaper office supplies is worth the effort

It's easy to overlook savings opportunities in a business. This is especially true of the supplies that you use day in and day out. Perhaps you've made a relationship with a supplier, assume that their prices are typical of all other suppliers, and have left it at that without much consideration.
However, prices change in this space very frequently. And some industries are learning that just by saving a little on a single item, they can save big money over months and years. We find a practical example in the way Face Recognition Toilet Paper Dispensers have started to pop up in China. By limiting the amount of paper that any one person can use, companies are saving millions as time goes on.

You may not have the time, inclination, or resources to start policing the use of every office supply at your company. But taking the time to assess the most expensive supplies and looking at where cuts can be made on these will eventually pay off. For example buying cheap ink cartridges for everyday document printing will significantly reduce your expenditure over time as these are high-cost products that we use a lot. It’s easy to think that simple savings here and there do not add up to much. But you couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s how it works.
  1. Make a habit of saving at every opportunity. If you save money on one common office supply, you should find a way to save on all of them. Once you apply this habit of supply frugality to all of the routine purchases you make in your office, this is when you start to see real benefits. Don’t skimp on quality, but don’t pay more than you have to for any single item. Don’t neglect to look for new options just because you’re accustomed to doing things a certain way.
  2. Look at the savings as a percentage. Let’s say that you find savings on ten different items: 7% off on one, 12% off another, 15% off on a third, and so on. All told, you might find a way to save 10% or more on routine purchases. This is an enormous difference! If you are in charge of these kinds of purchases, bringing this much budget savings to your boss will be a very appreciated action.
  3. Look for additional discounts from trusted suppliers. If you have a relationship with a supplier, you should ask them to make good on their appreciation of your business. Perhaps your business has shown loyalty to this supplier for years. See if they’ll give you a broad discount on everything you order. If they do not, approach other suppliers and ask them for similar discounts. If your business makes significant purchases on a routine basis, there will be competition for your account.
There is no good reason to pay too much for office supplies. It’s easy to neglect this savings opportunity because you think in the back of your mind, “They’re just staples.” But when you think of each savings achievement adding up to an average savings overall, you start to realise that finding cheaper sources is totally worth it. You may find that the budget you thought was tight isn’t restrictive at all. Good luck!

14 Jun 2017 14:49


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