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Overview of the most popular demand-side platforms

According to analyses, there was a significant improvement in the field of media buying over the last few years. Since the technology is developing quickly, a lot of prominent companies are trying their best to update their features and trends according to the client's needs. Real-time bidding, as well as demand-side platforms (DSP), became the focus of interest, and this is pretty much natural since more than 30% of total ads are going through demand-side platforms.
Here is the brief overview of the most popular DSPs, their benefits, threats, and potential opportunities:

1. SmartyAds

SmartyAds is a relatively new programmatic ad platform that has an incredibly huge potential and plenty of innovation. With the private ad exchange system, connecting respectable publishers with their corresponding advertisers has never been easier. Each client gets unique treatment as well as options to choose from a variety of channels such as social media, display, video, and mobile. Advertisers have the chance to define their targeting audience in depth, and to reach them globally.

2. AppNexus

It is a New York-based ad tech company which is dealing with both publishers and buyers. AppNexus provides a supply-side platform as well as the demand-side platform. Therefore, it helps publishers in selling the ad space on their websites and blogs, and at the same time, it allows buyers to purchase the ad packages across numerous websites easily. Everything works on an automated basis. Publishers can take advantage of the ad exchange feature and make some decent deals. The targeting capabilities are great, and they allow you to choose the most suitable area for your campaign.

3. The Trade Desk

The company provides a sophisticated technology platform with several full-featured products that will ensure the best user experience for advertisers. It allows the ad buyers to set up their campaigns using the self-service mechanism. The Trade Desk is a digital advertising solution that supports various formats and devices.The company is headquartered in the United States, and it is indeed one of the fastest growing DSPs out there in the market. The clients can enjoy detailed reports and keep track of the consumers all the way until the final conversion happens.

4. SiteScout

SiteScout is the company based in Toronto which provides a self-serve advertising platform. The buyers need to make a deposit of at least $500, and then they are free to purchase the online banner ad space through the real-time bidding mechanism. The sign-up process is pretty straightforward and takes only a few minutes. Once you get over it, you will face an extremely easy-to-use interface with plenty of options. SiteScout is the perfect marketplace for brands and agencies who want thorough reports and real-time control over their marketing campaigns.

5. Go2mobi

The main characteristics of this mobile ad network are incredible transparency, optimisation features, and reliable campaign analytics. Whether you are looking for branding, game installs, or simply want to drive targeted traffic to your optimised mobile website, Go2mobi is a type of company that you definitely may want to consider. Not only you will get complete control over your performing campaign, but you will also be able to determine your spending as well as keep track of the records.


People often confuse ad exchanges and demand-side platforms. The traditional display advertising has its shortcomings because the advertisers are experiencing a significant disbalance in price and value. Therefore, DSP is a program designed for automating the whole process of purchasing ads. Additionally, the advertisers can set their own details and set up the campaigns while monitoring them at the same. Lastly, the most important aspect of having successful projects is the communication between publishers and clients.

7 Feb 2017 09:58


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Boris Dzhingarov graduated UNWE with a major in marketing. He is the CEO of ESBO ltd brand mentioning agency. He writes for several online sites such as,,, Boris is the founder of and

Matt Blez
This is a very good list. I have used sever of these in the past several years to see which one we liked most. We have used Site Scout, SmartyAds, and App Nexus. I think the only other one that we have used and actually liked was Centro (which I know is basically the parent to Site Scout now)
Posted on 29 Jun 2017 16:18