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The truly huge HR mistakes a company will make

When it comes to human resources the truth is most companies out there simply do not have a proper system in place. We are faced with so many mistakes that creep up much more often than what you may believe at the moment. It is really important that you avoid every single mistake mentioned below since they are pretty destructive. It does not matter if you use HR shared services or in-house departments.
Not knowing the employment laws

Employment laws often change. In fact, they often change without any warning. It is really important that you know what employment laws are active at the moment and that you respect them at all times. As an example, a recent change in New Jersey modified the number of employees a company can have before being able to ask for criminal records. Also, modifications to salaries and employee benefits often take place. Knowing the law protects you since you are sure that employees are properly taken care of, based on what the law says.

Not updating the employee handbook

It does not matter how large or small the business is. There should always be an employee handbook present. This is where all the workplace rules are outlined. You might not have received employee complaints till now but they will surely eventually appear. Having a complaint policy is needed and you should include details about alcohol and drugs policies in the handbooks. Sometimes even social media policies are in order. If the HR department does not often update the employee handbook there is a pretty good possibility that huge problems will appear in the future.

Not having employee files organised

When a business has employees there are so many different files that need to be kept. Unfortunately, in most companies there is not much done about this topic. A really common problem is that health benefits information and I-9 forms are not organised or added to the individual file of the employee. That is a huge mistake that will always lead to financial problems as fines are given for that. Believe it or not, this is just the small part of the problem since you can also end up with the entire company closed because some files that are not where they should be.

Improper employee hiring process

One of the most important parts of human resources is associated with hiring talent. So many of the employment decisions will be made without actually having a plan. Remember the fact that in order to be able to get the best employees you have to be sure that you have a proper hiring process in place. Always be sure that you hire HR specialists if you do not have a hiring plan. This will help so much more than what you may think at the moment.


Generally speaking, most of the HR problems appear because companies try to save money. Developing an in-house HR department is difficult but when you do not have the funds, you can always focus on outsourcing the entire service.

1 Feb 2017 13:12


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