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Travelling for offline marketing: Four tips to simplify your journey

While we can all agree on the importance of online marketing, there's no denying that offline marketing can still improve the reach of almost any campaign. This is especially true given that approximately 13% of Americans don't even use the internet, with many more only being occasional users. Hence, one practical way to maximse your chances of catering to your offline audience is to widen the net. You can do this by launching an offline marketing campaign to complement your online efforts.

However, if you're marketing a product or service that can be used globally, it makes no sense to stay confined to a single city or region. Instead, you'll eventually want to start travelling around to ensure that you're reaching all of your potential offline customers. That said, here are four tips you can use to make your out-of-town trips easier, more convenient, and more productive:

1. Use a travel app or service

Every marketer should try to minimise traveling expenses and difficulties. Using a hotel and flight booking app will ensure that you're getting the best deals and staying in the best places wherever you're traveling to. Oftentimes, simply using one of these apps will give you discounts as high as 20%.

2. Plan your routes beforehand

Once you've arrived at your destination and are preparing to meet up with your potential new leads, it's best to map your route in the most efficient manner possible. You don't want to be randomly bouncing from place to place when your time is limited. So make sure you're operating based on a specific strategy. This is where route planning apps can really come in handy.

3. Be sure to properly target your audience

Targeting random business owners isn't a great way to achieve the best conversion rate. So make sure you're only pitching to an audience that will be receptive to what you're saying. This is where research and due diligence play a huge role. In general, you'll want to start with the larger cities because you'll have a better chance of landing at least one lead when you're pitching to a larger crowd.

4. Bring everything needed to maintain a professional image

Finally, nobody likes people who act like overworked travelling salesmen, showing up sweating and overly desperate to make a positive impression. You want to always look your best and stay healthy and well groomed during your trip. Make sure you pack all of the clothing, food, and hygiene items needed to stay looking fresh and motivated throughout the day.

Should you try calling first?

You might be thinking to yourself: “Sure there are plenty of people who don't use the internet frequently, but why can't I just give them a call instead of showing up at their door?” The problem with that approach is that it's much easier for someone to say “not interested, sorry” and hang up on you than it is for them to rush you off of their doorstep or out of their place of business. Countless marketing studies have proven that face-to-face presentations are typically more effective than cold-calling. Aside from a lower rejection rate, you’ll also have more opportunities to serve up a good first impression and close deals when you talk to a prospect in person.

19 Dec 2016 13:58


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