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Three digital marketing tactics you can leverage all year

The holiday season is also the busiest season for many different kinds of businesses. This is true for companies that do business online and offline. While many retailers and manufacturers emphasise digital marketing in order to increase revenue during the holiday season, online promotions are also able to help all types of businesses increase their sales throughout the year.
Three evergreen digital marketing tactics

Your holiday marketing efforts can attract new customers that will impact your bottom line in a positive way for months or years in the future if you apply some of the tips below.

1. Think local

According to Google's own statistics, 80% of consumers go online to seek out new products and services in their own towns and cities. Smart marketers for local businesses find out where local people go online to look for more information about hometown companies. If your business relies on foot traffic from people who live or visit your city, you can prosper by making sure your company is visible on the internet. Some examples of local companies that can benefit from local, digital marketing include medical offices, restaurants, retail stores, and wholesale distributors.

Naturally, you will want to be sure that your company has a listing in large business sites that cater to local searchers. A great starting point is Google's local listing. Also make sure to consider the local listings for other large search engines. However, don't forget about social networks and local review blogs. If you're not sure where is most relevant for your specific area, you might conduct a survey to learn where consumers in your city find information about companies that are similar to yours when they search online. If your own marketing research budget is tight, you could even see if you can collaborate on this survey with other businesses in your area.

2. Update your website

Just a few years ago, almost everyone used a desktop or laptop computer to search the web. Just last year, Google reported that a majority of their searches came from mobile devices. If you haven't touched your site design since 2005, it's past time for an update to ensure that your business site looks and functions very well on mobile devices. Otherwise, you are bound to lose traffic to competitors who have updated their site design and made it responsive in web and mobile browsers.

Certainly, consumers will get frustrated if your website doesn't work well on their own favorite device. In order to provide users with a good experience, some large search engines have begun to penalise sites that don't function well on different devices. It's usually fairly simple to implement a mobile-friendly version of a site's template, so this is one investment that is likely to pay off for years in the future. You could simply check your business site on your own phone or tablet or use Google mobile-friendly test page to check your business’ site.

3. Invest in your digital marketing

Many tactics that you can use to improve your digital marketing don’t cost a lot of many. For example, many local listings don't come with a fee and instead only require a bit of time to fill out forms and claim businesses. In addition, local bloggers may be willing to review your company without asking for payment because they run ads that sponsor their sites. Of course, you may choose to invest in paid advertising, software, and other solutions that do cost money if you are interested.

It might be difficult to balance your marketing investment against your revenues when you are just starting out or trying to manage cash flow during a slow period. During times like these, you might consider getting a line of credit to ensure that you have plenty of working capital to grow your business. If you can use your investment in digital marketing to increase revenue or meet another business goal, it can certainly be a great investment for your company as a whole.

If you do decide to pursue funding, but are concerned about your business’ likelihood of qualifying at a bank, consider other options such as alternative lending platforms, which typically operate entirely online. Online lenders are usually more friendly to companies that haven't established excellent credit or that operate in certain industries that banks are wary of. For example, new retailers and restaurants may have better luck finding working capital online than in a bank manager's office.

Why work on digital marketing 12 months a year?

If your business relies on peak sales during the holiday season, it might be tempting to only make major investments during that time. However, the period from late fall until New Year's Day is also a very competitive time to get attention from free or paid digital marketing efforts. Savvy business people will work to engage their customers all year long, which ends up making it much easier for those companies to retain their great consumers during the holiday rush, and year-round.

14 Dec 2016 10:16


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