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How to differentiate your business from the competition in the eyes of the client

The competition we see in practically all industries is higher than it ever was. Because of this, it is really important that you do all that you can in order to stand out of the crowd. If we take a look at the companies that managed to succeed in the African market, it is quite obvious that success appeared because of market differentiators. Finding what differentiates your company is not difficult but there are some options that you may want to take into account.
The price factor

One of the most common market differentiators that are highlighted is offering a lower price tag. In this case it is very important that quality is not lower. We are faced with a strong differentiator in the event that the price is lower while the quality is similar.

When you manage to offer a lower price, make sure that you highlight this for potential customers. They will appreciate the possibility of saving money as this is definitely something that we all want.

Higher quality services

The product itself is only one part of the equation in business. You can have the best possible product and still not be a favorite in the industry because of other parts of the buying process that are not taken care of.

Identify what you can offer better than the competition without focusing strictly on the product. Maybe your customer support is stronger and more efficient. Outsource what you can outsource in order to minimise the work that you do and remain focused on delivering even more quality in the services you have.

Better branding

Customer loyalty is always enforced better when the branding campaign that is set up is very good. In many cases we see a company that has an inferior quality product but that takes advantage of a really strong branding campaign that increases sales and customer loyalty at the same time. We should never take branding for granted. It can make or break a business. Never launch a large campaign without first looking at what branding work you do.

Better communication

We live in times that rely on communication, normally connected with the internet. People spend time on social media, want information and look for information. Because of this, the companies that quickly respond on social media or that use the internet in a really great way will stand out. People will start to learn about the brands and will be interested in trying what is offered. Why not take advantage of the power of the internet? It is not at all difficult to build social media profiles and develop strategies that would highlight the human side of the company.

30 Aug 2016 10:17


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