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Opticians marketing to help the practice

Managing physicians and administrators look at marketing as being only about advertising in order to attract brand new patients. It is so often noticed that opticians only buy ads in newspapers or rent billboards. That is not a correct approach. We are faced with many regulation problems so getting new clients is more difficult than ever. Because of this, based on the work that was done by, here are some tips that you may want to consider to help the entire practice.
Create written one- or five-year marketing plans

The practice that uses a marketing plan will always perform a lot better than the practice that does not have a marketing plan. This is why it is vital that you concentrate on the development of very string and well-crafted goals. Always take your time with the creation of the marketing plan. If you do not have a plan, you simply go for one move after the next without having that goal in mind. Also, you cannot actually realise if the marketing efforts could be better or not.

Make sure the recall system works

There are many practices where second LASIK or cataract surgeries do not happen because of a weak recall system or problems with scheduling. Audit the clinic charts and see if they are compliant for recalls. If not, go as far behind as you can so that you can see exactly how to improve the system. You should also try to call patients that are not currently in compliance.

Availability, ability and affability

Practices have to understand that patients require convenience since they are busy. Scheduling is much more important than what many believe at the moment. This is really important for getting new referrals and patient retention. Try to always see your new referrals and patients as fast as it is possible. If you can, do so in 1 week tops after the call. Also, always make sure that you will see the patients right on time and that no delays appear. This helps because word-of-mouth marketing is particularly useful for optician practices.


As opticians try to use new strategies to get new clients they tend to forget about the basics that always worked in this industry. Networking stands out as one of the best of the promotional methods that are available for you right now. Make sure that you are patient and that you let others know about your practice. Meeting other opticians simply spreads the word and can bring in some extra business. At the same time, these conversations are going to help as they can offer information about brand new practices that can be used to get new patients.

Build that web page

It is such a surprise to see that there are many practices that do not currently use the internet for new patients. This is a huge mistake. You want to be sure that you have a suitable web page for the entire practice and you need to use online marketing. A failure to do this is going to lead towards huge problems and a loss of patients since people do look online for information about all the services they want.

19 Jul 2016 21:07


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