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Different ways to attract new patients for a private hospital

The private hospitals need to struggle a little in order to get clients. This is normally because most people from around the world will first go to the public hospitals. That is an understandable approach since medical insurance will normally cover most of the treatments that are done at the public hospital. The same thing cannot actually be said about private practices.
Understanding the potential new patients

Trying to attract new patients without a plan is a really bad idea. North West Independent Hospital tried that in the beginning but only when focusing on a really good plan did they manage to increase their reputation and their patient base. Everything revolved around research and understanding who the potential new patients are.

As an example, maybe the largest patient base comes from local small businesses because of the different deals that were signed with them. In this case you want to focus on other local businesses and highlight that you already deal with various local small businesses.

Special service discounts

A big problem with the private hospitals is that the patients normally have to pay for most of the procedures that are done. Medical insurance will rarely cover most of the procedures that are performed at private hospitals. Because of this, it will be difficult to attract new patients.

One way to get over the unwanted pricey perception of potential clients is to offer some sort of discount. Many successful private hospitals actually offer a payment plan for all the procedures that are done and there is even some sort of loyalty system implemented. The more you offer, the higher the possibility that the patients will come!

Television ads

It is a huge surprise to notice the fact that television ads are so rarely considered by the private hospital. They can be even more effective than the regular consumer brand activations that marketing companies recommend. The reason for this is really simple. The public hospitals do not use TV ads and will never do as they do not need them. You can take advantage of this and use television ads whenever there is some sort of special offer that the hospital has and that patients would be interested in. If you think it would help, you can even run radio ads. They are also really effective.

Social media exposure

This is another marketing channel that the private hospital can use and that the private hospitals do not really need. Social media can create a very interesting community. Also, because of the reviews system that is included, you can easily end up faced with something that would be incredibly helpful for future promotions.

Any ad that you run can become more efficient. This is because people basically want to learn information about the private hospital before they call. Having a good online social media profile with great reviews increase the possibility that the call will actually be made. A big problem is that people do not even contact hospitals so having everything in place when a marketing campaign is run is going to increase the possibility of success.

28 Jun 2016 11:01


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