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Running a financially successful restaurant is about optimising simple processes

If you've ever worked in a restaurant, you know that they are not oases of calm. Nope, the kitchen life is a hectic life. Restaurant workers are known for working long hours, smoking and drinking to stay sane, and taking low pay all for the love of the game. Running a restaurant is no easier, especially if you are trying to live better than hand to mouth. But if data analytics, as it pertains to restaurant operation, has taught us nothing, it's that success or failure comes from getting a simple behavior right or wrong, then repeating it over and over and over and over and over.
Restaurants are an easy concept to understand. Hungry people come in, the restaurant buys food and prepares it in various ways, charges the hungry people more money than it costs to buy the food and pay the staff, then repeats the process for maximum profit. Problems enter into this simple education usually when the people in charge aren’t paying sufficient attention. Restaurant industry analysts recommend that dishes sell for three times what they cost to produce, when food, staffing, and overhead are considered. Many places fail to hit this mark, or do so once but don’t keep up standards, only to have profits slide away.

This is particularly likely to happen in a restaurant where the food is complex or the menu is very large. If your restaurant has 50-100 items on the menu, it’s nearly impossible to reliably keep up with the costs of production relative to the price of the individual dish. This is why many new restaurants and food trucks feature only a handful of dishes. It’s not just so these dishes will be well made every single time. It’s so that the owner can keep an eye on profit and make sure each repetition of the process is putting money in the bank.

Intuitive iPad POS systems like Touch Bistro can do other things to make daily processes more productive and profitable. Old school credit system vendors charged a lot of money to install and upkeep their proprietary systems. But systems like Touch Bistro are simple enough to install and maintain on your own, and they don’t charge the high transaction fees and credit charges that the old-model credit companies did. If you still have one of these old systems running in your food spot, it’s time to look into one of the much more agile and cost-effective solutions which the market has produced.

Saving pennies hundreds of times a day, over the course of a year, is enough to make the difference between a business that stays open and a business that closes. Take the time to look closely at your payroll, food cost, and POS systems. Each of these contributes to steady growth or loss, depending on how well each is organised. Don’t allow inefficient processes to continue in your daily practice, and your restaurant will have a much greater chance of long term success. This is how the best in the business achieve their success.

17 Mar 2016 11:30


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