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Five ways to use mobile apps to grow your business

As of mid-2015 Google officially announced that more consumers access the Internet via mobile devices than on desktop PCs. For this reason, the savvy business owner will find ways to use mobile apps to grow his or her business. If you are wondering how this marketing model can work for you, consider the following five ways to use mobile apps to grow your business. Some, if not all, can be effective in building brand and increasing sales, so take advantage of as many as humanly possible.
Photo by Stuart Miles at
Photo by Stuart Miles at

1. Develop apps for delivery of promotions

One of the most successful ways to use an app to grow your business is to create one to give away as a freebie. People love to get something for nothing so an app that is useful, but free, is going to be a great way of promoting your business or line of products. One thing to be cognisant of, however, is that you need to target your market before having an app developed. Would your audience, your potential customer base, be more likely to use an Apple phone or a Windows phone? At the moment Apple is king so chances are good that you might want to have your app created to work with iPhones and iPads. When it comes to app development, iOS would need to be the operating system since that is what those two devices are built on. It’s vital to get a good app development iOS team on board, however, to ensure that your app fully delivers to its target audience.

2. Build a following with social apps

From Facebook, to Twitter to LinkedIn, there are social apps that keep you connected with followers. Although these wouldn’t be apps you have developed specifically for your company, they would still be apps you could download and use to ensure that you are staying in touch with your audience and keeping them engaged.

3. Create an informative app

No matter what your industry, an informative app is always a big hit. Today’s consumer wants to be informed about everything from trivia to politics so an app that provides useful information, of any kind, will probably be a huge success. You can interject ads for your company in the app and this will keep your name fresh every time the app is used.

4. Companion apps for your products

Some products simply cry out for a companion app. Usually these are a functional part of the product which could also be used as a standalone but are made much more enjoyable with the app. Again, look at the Facebook app. Yes, you can access Facebook from your mobile device, but the app lets screens load much faster and the messaging app is even faster yet.

5. Build exposure with a free promotional app

Some companies have paid an app development company to create an app that has absolutely nothing to do with their own industry. By placing the app in the app store as a free download they can be assured that anyone who downloads it will also view the free ads built into the app.

These five ways to use mobile apps to grow your business are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many ways that both iPhone and Windows mobile apps can benefit your company that it really is worth your time to find some that will help build a stronger customer base and increase your visibility with your target audience. It’s a mobile world we live in so why not let mobile apps work for you?

10 Mar 2016 12:15


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Great stuff , thanks for sharing your knowledge! Very useful tips.
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